State of the art antimicrobial surfaces

State of the art antimicrobial surfaces

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

The Materials Innovation team carried out a review of the state of the art of commercial antimicrobial solutions with the aim of knowing the current solutions, pros / cons and evaluating potential applications.

According to the client’s needs and application requirements, the search focused on and narrowed down solutions and technologies for surfaces (metals, polymers, ceramics …).

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

As a starting point, the key requirements were defined and prioritized according to:

  • The application: type of substrate, operating conditions, resistance to temperature, chemical agents, abrasion …
  • Industrialization method: additivation of polymers, application of coatings, electrodeposition …
  • Other factors: cost, legislation, Food grade …

Subsequently, the main suppliers were sought and contacted, selecting those with the greatest potential and experimentally validating the solutions internally in the laboratory.


  • Learn about commercial antimicrobial solutions
  • Experimentally validate supplier information


  • A benchmarking of commercial antimicrobial solutions was carried out
  • Clear, verified and useful information was provided for the client to define their roadmap.

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