Detection of defects in aluminum pipes from a market claim

Detection of defects in aluminum pipes from a market claim

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

The objective was to find out what caused leaks in toxic gas transport pipes corresponding to the same manufacturing period. In addition to this, solutions were proposed to prevent their recurrence.

After a first inspection of the defective components, the forensic analysis focused on identifying the cause of the localized perforations in a specific area of the aluminum Al 1070 walls according to  DIN EN 573-3 standard.

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

To know the failure mechanism, the damaged areas were analyzed using light and electron microscopy techniques (SEM and EDX) with a Phenom ProX de Thermofischer Scientific.

Thanks to this, the formation of a galvanic pair was found as a possible cause.

Once the main hypothesis of the cause of failure was formulated, accelerated laboratory reproduction tests of the failure were carried out in a climatic chamber.


  • Need to know the cause that generated perforations in the products
  • Obtaining urgent results as they are critical components for the safety of the user of the product
  • Proposed solutions to prevent the failure from reoccurring


  • Microscopic inspection and characterization of the composition of the defective components
  • Reproduction of the laboratory failure to validate the main hypothesis
  • Implementation of short and long-term containment measures with the client

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