Design and Innovation

What do we understand by Design and Innovation?

At INFINITIA we tackle the product design process, adding value to the product pre-development phases, entering into the research, co-creation and design phases of the solution itself. We use rapid prototyping to be agile in decision making and to be able to analyze aspects such as form, function and technology.

We have a complete vision regarding design. At INFINITIA we offer you all kinds of innovative solutions in product or service design, which we fully adapt to your needs. Ask us and we will offer you the best design solution.

We bring real value to your project. We combine all the previous information obtained from our market, user and business studies in order to create a customized, feasible and profitable design.

Good design is synonymous with efficiency and effectiveness. For this reason, at Infinitia we design from product prototyping to online services, including brand creation through graphic design.


design and product innovation

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How does INFINITIA approach Design and Innovation?

To guarantee your project’s success, at INFINITIA we apply our innovation-oriented design methodology from the very beginning, analyzing the market our clients want to target, analyzing the competition and detecting possible niches to be covered.

We then establish the product specifications that will allow us to determine the technical feasibility of the project from an early stage.

Once the feasibility has been determined, we study and select the most innovative materials, components and technologies that best adapt to the desired end product and we test them both individually and as a whole.

Finally, with all the information previously obtained, we carry out various ideation techniques that allow us to propose concepts and different work lines with which to tackle the design in question so that the client can decide which of them to develop completely in later phases.

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market research

Market Research

We carry out market research to determine the viability of a new product, as well as the acceptance it may have within the target market. To do so, INFINITIA employs different market study techniques to discover the optimal market to focus on, evaluate the existing competition, and obtain feedback from potential clients.

Therefore, one of the actions that we carry out from INFINITIA is the study of substitute products. That is, products that can be used instead of yours, satisfying the same consumer needs. The question is to compare brands, designs, and creations. For this reason, we must set in motion a thorough and meticulous process.

Competitor analysis is fundamental to market research. We study our clients’ direct competitors in a way we ensure to understand their strengths and weaknesses. From there, we discover market opportunities and mitigate potential threats.

Technical feasibility analysis

Once the possible competing products on the market have been analyzed, it is necessary to analyze the technical feasibility of the product to be designed, that is, to determine the specific characteristics both at a technological level and in terms of materials or design that will enable the desired functions to be achieved in the product.

To do this, we carry out a complete definition of the product specifications together with our client to fully understand the different needs, functionalities or critical requirements that must be taken into consideration when approaching the design.

With these specifications in mind, we are able to compile and analyze the different factors that are going to be critical when carrying out the project, confirming whether or not the idea can be carried out at a technical level and determining the most appropriate approach for the next steps in the development.

technical feasibility analysis
testing of technologies

Selection and testing of technologies

Once the viability of the product has been confirmed at a theoretical level, it is time to define the specific technologies, materials and components to be used during the development of the project.

In order to achieve this, INFINITIA carries out an exhaustive search of the materials, components and technologies available, always bearing in mind the previously defined product specifications.

Once the most suitable ones have been determined, we test them in person both individually and as a whole in order to select the ones with the best results, always taking into consideration both the costs and the technical requirements of the project.

Ideation and concepts

Once the market has been analyzed, the product specifications and their viability have been defined, and the technologies have been selected and tested, we proceed with the ideation and concept phase, which allows us to propose several possible work lines in which to orientate the design to the client, always from an innovative and disruptive approach.

Through the use of various co-creation techniques, rapid generation of sketches, 3D models and photorealistic images; and with the use of rapid prototyping and 3D printing technologies, we are able to generate all the necessary material for the complete understanding of the different concepts, so that the client can decide which approach to follow when continuing with the product development process.

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