Specialized in failure analysis of materials and components

Infinitia Industrial Consulting, consultoría de ingeniería

Forensic engineering

We investigate and provide solutions to existing problems in the industrial field, which can be applied from the production line to a product that comes from a market claim.
Infinitia Industrial Consulting, consultoría de ingeniería

Innovation in materials

We develop and improve your existing products and processes, or we help you to create something completely new, allowing you to be more competitive and differentiate yourself from competitors.
Infinitia Industrial Consulting, consultoría de ingeniería

Product development

We help your company in product development, from the ideation or proof of concept stage, the materialization in a prototype that can be tested and validated, to the manufacturing of the product.

Who we are

Infinitia Industrial Consulting

INFINITIA is a consulting firm specialized in failure analysis of materials and components, providing innovative solutions to the industrial sector and supporting the different phases of the business, from concept to industrialization.

We provide industrial companies with solutions to their problems in production processes, alternatives for the creation and improvement of products and processes.

Our goal is to help industrial companies to develop their activity successfully and to strategically improve their competitiveness and positioning in the market.


Our vision

We want to be an industrial consulting firm of reference, the strategic partner of our clients and to be recognized as one more in the organization, attracting talent and contributing to the consolidation of productive ecosystems. 

Since 2014, we have been working for the industrial sector, with a team of specialists organized by technical competencies, such as polymers, metals, food, chemical analysis, product design…

Our clients, both small companies and large multinationals, rely on us when they do not have certain skills or in all those cases in which they decide to outsource certain areas of their organization to be more agile or efficient.

How we define

valores de nuestra consultora de ingeniería
We approach problems as if they were our own, engaging with passion, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, with a commitment to work on building lasting relationships based on trust and honesty.
valores de nuestra consultora de ingeniería
We provide the best solution to the problems of companies in the industrial sector thanks to our experience and knowledge. We have a competent, creative and ingenious team, capable of solving the most demanding challenges and difficulties that may arise throughout the project.
valores de nuestra consultora de ingeniería
We seek maximum efficiency to achieve optimum results based on the rational use of resources, responsible management and adaptation to the needs of each client.
valores de nuestra consultora de ingeniería
We form a flexible and multidisciplinary team of specialists, capable of tackling complex projects, as well as of reacting and adapting quickly to changes and unforeseen events that may arise to ensure adequate progress and achieve the best result.
valores de nuestra consultora de ingeniería
We provide the projects we work on with the latest technology and laboratory equipment, allowing us to perform many types of analysis with great flexibility and in less time.

We offer you

360º consulting services, fully adapted and integrated into your organization

We work together with your team and integrate ourselves into your organization to provide maximum value, wherever it is needed.

Our 360º industrial consulting services will allow you to achieve your goals thanks to our SOLVE – IMPROVE – CREATE methodology.

We offer real solutions to real business problems

Consultoría de ingeniería

Who trusts us


Infinita is a company that comes to you with very clear ideas.
They support you with the knowledge they have so that you can solve your problem or develop your idea into something tangible that you can industrialize. They are not philosophical, ethereal innovators, but pragmatic and tactical.
They adapt to your rhyme and always come up with a way to carry out what you propose. They never say a No at first, but they are sensible and committed.
I have looked for many centers in the fields they work in, but it is practically impossible to find someone like them with their balance of knowledge and agility.

Francisco Javier Ester

Technology transfer and innovation at BSH

Innovative and customized solutions. Highly qualified professionals. Committed to deadlines. Open to suggestions. Infinita is a company that provides support in those areas that are outside our scope of work, however, affect our products. They provide practical solutions, addressing our problems from a tangible point of view and committed to both time and budget. They are agile and adapt to our needs. They transmit enthusiasm in their work and analysis, and are proactive in offering solutions. They are always open to accept suggestions in the way they work. Of course, our first option when problems exceed our scope of knowledge

Esteban Pueyo

Development designeer at BSH


We have been collaborating with Infinitia on several projects for some time now and we have only words of thanks for their team. For us, their technical knowledge and motivation were initially the reasons why we established our collaboration. Time has proven us right and we can say that Infinitia is a highly professional team, respectful and open to dialogue, in addition to their ambition and pursuit of innovation in every joint step. These were the keys that earned our trust.

Diego Val Andrés

Research Senior Specialist, Corporate Innovation Dept. at Grupo Antolin


Infinitia is not just a testing company. Its technical team is concerned with understanding the performance of the part to be tested and its application in order to provide a complete technical response. Fast and exceptional customer service. Very satisfied with their services.

Víctor Navaz

R&D Technical Manager at Dynatech - Lift Safety Components


Our experience with Infinitia Research has been (and hopefully will continue to be) excellent.
They have the ability to listen and understand what the client's needs are and in our case they have been advising us on the best way to achieve our objectives in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable cost. They are proactive, agile and efficient.
We hope to continue our adventure with them and reach the goal we have set for ourselves.

Susana Méndez Blaauw & Jesús Fernández Vinuesa

General Manager & Technical Director at ECO&AGRO SOLUTIONS


Direct and clear treatment, with an extraordinary predisposition to collaborate and offer the best results. Serious and recommendable service

Héctor Jacobo Edo

Responsible for quality, prevention and environment


Working with Infinitia has been a success. You have the peace of mind of knowing that the work will be carried out with total solvency and transparency, as you can see and perceive at all times that you are dealing with professionals with extensive technical knowledge who master their areas of expertise and are involved in your project. With a great ability to communicate and accessible throughout the process, they have advised us perfectly on regulations and tests to be performed on the issue we raised, they have done the work in compliance with the agreed time and manner and moving the results in a clear and concise manner. There is no doubt that we will continue to count with them to support our research and development projects.

Rubén Cisterna

Corporate Innovation Manager at Wittur Group

From TheCircularLab, the open innovation center of Ecoembes, we can say that Infinita is a daring company that accepts challenges that others do not face, always from practice and wisdom. It is a committed company, meets the objectives in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, the treatment with them has always been very close and professional.

Daniel Menchaca

Ecoembes Innovation Specialist at Ecoembes


INFINITIA, has helped us to have a better understanding of our technology by increasing the knowledge of our base material; ion exchange resins both from a chemical and microstructural point of view, as well as the durability of polished materials using our technology through corrosion resistance tests, contact angle, etc. Finally, it has allowed us to develop new chemical formulations and cleaner products from an environmental point of view. All this, thanks to a multidisciplinary and professional team with a wide knowledge of materials.

Joan Josep Roa Rovira

Test Lab Manager at GPAINNOVA

We will repeat. Infinitia was a great choice for the analysis of our materials. It is very easy to understand the results of the analyses, because in addition to their technical quality, they are presented with a great pedagogical effort so that, even if we know nothing about chemistry, we understand what happens to our product. In addition, they are fully available for any questions that may arise and they will assist you at any time to clarify what is necessary. Infinitia combines enthusiasm, knowledge and the necessary infrastructure to be our reference in terms of materials.

Manuel Gimeno

Deputy Director of Engineering at SACO®

When we assessed the value of hiring Infinitia's services, the first thing we did was visit their facilities. From the first moment we realized that we were dealing with a first class company, with a wide variety of technical resources, complemented by a close, hardworking and highly qualified team. They have spared no effort to find solutions and to convey the results in the clearest and most concise way possible. A pleasure to collaborate with such dynamic people.

Unai Herreros

Plant Production Manager at Extruplesa, S.A.

Our partnerships with Infinitia have always been enlightening for the advancement of our projects. With a multidisciplinary and professional team, they master both the tools they use for their consulting work and the sectors they advise on. Through a close treatment, a fluid communication, and a conscious work, they are integrated in the company as an additional part of the development team. In short, they shed light on the problems that arise, helping in the resolution of them.

Salvador Fierro

R&D and quality control coordinator at Pinturas FIERRO, S.L.

Infinitia has the ability to make you feel as if you've been known for years, it's a company with a very technical profile but its contributions are not limited to the technical field. It has a young and motivated but extremely competent staff, their contribution to our company's development project was key in its early stages and they continue to present us with their technical consulting services today.

Hugo Lasala

Co-founder; Chief Technology & Operations Officer @ Noustique//The Alchemist Atelier

The entire SOUJI team is more than satisfied with Infinitia's work. Great professionals committed to their work and to facing new challenges. Both their personal and professional attention has been impeccable, helping us to solve technical and innovation issues very necessary for the advancement of our project. We have been able to meet our deadlines and achieve excellent value for money. It is a young, creative, innovative and organized team that perfectly meets the expectations. We found in them solutions and options that in other technological centers we had not been able to solve, with a close and collaborative human treatment. Always open to listening, providing tangible and real solutions and involving the client in all the development.

Catalina Trujillo

Co- founder and CMO en SOUJI

Infinitia is a team of great professionals, committed to their work. Their expertise is reflected in the great technical advice for the different solutions of materials of different nature that they are able to analyze, always providing advice, monitoring and suggestions for new techniques to achieve a better and more complete result. Communication is agile, easy, simple and continuous at all times. We believe in synergies for the different projects of our Group.

María Povar

Quality Manager at UB Group

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