Product development


What is Product Development?

We combine different types of development (mechanical, electronic, etc.) to offer a complete service to our clients. Indeed, as a product development consultant, it is important for us to support you, from the conceptualization or ideation phases prototyping design, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), including concept tests to validate critical components, among other steps.

At Infinitia, we want to make a difference. We develop products from scratch, creating prototypes to accelerate time to market. Therefore, we carry out previous market studies and analyze future users to know what they really need and want.

In this service, we provide you with different solutions in technology, design, and simulations, as well as software and hardware development. We design and manufacture from scratch to create a genuine product that stands out.

We implement a well-designed product development strategy that allows us to understand our clients, plan with all the required details of the product design, efficiently use the needed resources for its development, and increase the chances of success.

Our Infinitia professionals group works with different techniques such as conceptual design, proof of concept (PoC), functional design, or Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Discover how your new product development consultant can help you to develop your project.

Product Development

How does Infinitia approach Product Development?

We develop our products with our customers in mind. We reduce costs and time, improve their benefits, and increase functionality. Our team of product development experts uses the latest technologies and strategies to implement one of your products.

Indeed, we make your idea tangible. We are your product development consultant. We offer you a global solution in product quality: technology, innovation, design, and manufacturing.

We implement and validate ideas. We carry out prototypes and analyze their functionality and finishing touches to continue with the product development and subsequent production. We work on all the different phases composing the product development lifecycle to ensure your competitiveness. During this process, we provide some modifications to some products or launch new ones in the market.

Product Development

Design and Innovation

We cover the entire design of your product, from the market research phase to detect possible niches, the analysis of technical feasibility, the testing of technologies, components or materials, to the conceptualisation and validation through images and photorealistic mock-ups of new innovative product lines.

Product Development

Mechanical development

We facilitate the design and development of mechanisms, actuators, CAD design, selection, and optimization of components… thanks to mechanical development. In Infinitia, we create parts from scratch or improve existing ones. We offer their best version, adapting them to the industry.

Product Development


We carry out prototypes for the continuous validation of ideas. Constant testing facilitates greater security, viability, functionality, and efficiency in the creation of the product. We carry out several tests, using different methodologies and techniques, to turn your project into reality.

Product Development

Product Manufacturing

We offer the possibility of manufacturing products, from small runs, through 3D printing—short runs, to support for industrialization. We provide advice on the different procedures in addition to recommending you the best suppliers.

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Phases for a product development strategy

At Infinitia, as a product development company, we carry out development and design with strong rigor. We proceed following 7 essential phases for efficient and innovative product development.

Initial idea

We listen to you, analyse your idea and take the necessary preliminary steps to successfully face your project.

Pre-study and maturation

We need to know your target very well to find out what your product should offer. We analyze your competitors and realize market studies through customer panels, polls, and focus groups, among other methods.

Ideation and concept phase

We create and choose the top ideas for developing your product. We accomplish this by exploring different possibilities and coming up with creative solutions.

Proof of concept and validation

We establish the requirements, develop the concepts, test and iterate to validate each of the key points. We recognize potential problems and chances for success and finally arrive at a validated prototype.

Development phase

We turn the concepts into real products. Our knowledge in industrial design, CAD, protyping and development enables us to efficiently and effectively bring the validated concept to reality.

Testing and improvement phase

We test and refine the product. We validate the product with real users to get valuable feedback. We make the zero series to identify and resolve potential problems before going into full production.

Support during manufacturing and commercialization

Once every adjustment has been done, like Infinitia is a product development consultant, we also offer support to our clients during the manufacturing phase and product large-scale launch.

Some of our projects

Your product development consultant for different kinds of products

As a product development company, Infinitia supports you in the development of different kinds of products.  

New Products Development 

Besides improving existing products, we are specialized in the study and development of new products. We use all our creativity, innovation, and experience to give life to your project. At Infinitia, we work for success!

Food Products Development

At Infinitia, we are also specialized in the study and development of food products. We always fulfill the quality standards and the market needs. From the food formulation to the packaging, without missing the normative fulfillment, we take care of everything!

Software Products Development

We also deal with the development of new software products and the improvement of older informatics programs. We test the quality, always looking for a perfect user experience using the best technology.

Product Development
Product Development

What benefits does Infinitia bring through Product Development?

We look for alternative solutions at Infinitia, keeping in mind your needs and objectives. Our creativity and ingenuity are at your service. To carry out the development of your products, we take into account all its phases. We set up measurable goals and check our progression for each of them.

As a product development company, our mission is to offer you an original, high-quality, and efficient product ready to be distributed to the market. Besides getting more market share or selling more, you will also reach a higher rentability and a revenue increase.

  • We brainstorm, keeping in mind several studies, and viability tests. We help you develop your product in the best way possible.
  • Constant testing will provide the best version in the development of your product. To do this, we use prototypes that will allow us to check the possible problems that may arise during its creation and manufacture.
  • Functionality is one of the most essential properties in the development of any product. From selecting its components to carrying out an aesthetic design for its finishing touches, everything counts in the manufacturing process of a prototype. We propose a functional method adaptable to market demands.
  • We use the most avant-garde techniques and methods, as well as the most innovative technology. We want to offer you a genuine and completely up-to-date product, keeping in mind its mechanical and electronic components.

We bet on a safe and qualified product. We validate the different components or elements to ensure security the best we can when commercializing your product. As your product development consultant, we pay attention to all the processes to generate a good user experience.

Works done in Product development

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