Testing of plastics and composites

The testing of plastics and composites -or composite resins- encompasses a wide range of techniques aimed at testing certain properties of these materials, which are present in practically any industry.

From automotive to construction, plastics and composites make up many of the elements used in these productive sectors. Therefore, accurate characterization of these materials is a fundamental practice to obtain the expected results and to comply with the different regulations governing their use.

To perform tests on composites and plastics, Infinitia Industrial Consulting offers you the knowledge of an experienced professional team that, with the advanced tools provided by our laboratory, will obtain the most accurate data of the materials tested.

Types of tests on plastics and composites

Plastics and composites are susceptible to a multitude of tests focused on different properties of these materials. Their mechanical characterization, resistance to corrosion or fire, how they are affected by the passage of time, their optical and thermal properties are some of these tests.

Mechanical testing of plastics

Mechanical testing includes a variety of tests such as adhesion, bending, tensile, compression, lattice shear, bending, tearing and impact.

This type of testing will seek to determine the  physicochemical properties of plastics and composites, such as thermal, rheological, density, water absorption, corrosion response or chemical resistance.

Biological testing of plastics

In this case, the tests will be aimed at characterizing the efficacy of plastics and composites biological agents agents, specifically bacteria (bactericidal efficacy) and fungi (fungicidal efficacy).

Optical properties testing of plastics and composites

Tests focused on the optical properties of plastics and composites are those tests that seek to determine aspects such as brightness, color, transmission and reflection, as well as emissivity.

These tests comprise different techniques that will seek to test the response of plastics and composites when subjected to external agents. These tests include resistance to moisture and thermal shock.

Also in this category are tests such as accelerated artificial aging or climatic aging, in which the material is subjected to constant or cyclic conditions of temperature and humidity.

In the same way, the fire behavior test is included in this section and is a test of interest due to the low resistance that plastics usually show to this external agent. Likewise, these tests can be oriented to other issues, such as checking the toxicity of these materials when exposed to a flame.

Acoustic characterization tests

Acoustic characterization tests on plastics and composites will try to determine aspects such as sound absorption -the material’s capacity to absorb sound- or impact noise.

If you need to perform any of these or other tests on plastics and composites, at INFINITIA we can perform tests tailored to the needs of each case, thanks to the complete laboratory equipment we have and the expertise of our technicians.

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