About us

A highly qualified team of professionals at your disposal

The great value of Infinitia is the people who invent it.

We are a flexible and multidisciplinary team of specialists, capable of carrying out complex challenges and projects.

In addition to talent and experience, we share a passion for our work and commitment to our clients.

Javier Graus Almenar

Polymers & Nanomaterials Specialist

Chemical Engineering
[email protected]

Eva Pacheco Olivé

Polymer Analyst Specialist

Chemical Engineering
[email protected]

Vanesa Rodríguez Mata

Metallic Materials Specialist

Master in Industrial Engineering
[email protected]

Sheila Soriano Santafé

Chemical Analysis Specialist

BS in Chemistry
 [email protected] 

Alberto Zurro Sebastián

Energetic & Catalytic disinfection technologies specialist

Chemical Engineering
[email protected]

Regina De Diego Castilla

Food Engineering Specialist

Master in Agronomy & Food Industry Graduate
[email protected]

Elena Díaz de Marco

Nutritionist & Food technology specialist

Master in Food technology and industry
[email protected]

Sandra Ordovás Gracia

Strategic Designer Specialist

Industrial Design & Product Development
 [email protected] 

Inko Romero Zubeldia

Mechanical & Prototyping specialist

Industrial Design Engineering
[email protected]

Laura del Rio Brusel

Plastic Design & Prototyping specialist

Mechanical Engineering
[email protected]

Sergio Alfaro Lahoz

Electronic & Software Specialist

Industrial Electronic & Automation Engineering
[email protected]

Víctor Barroso Acedo

Stakeholders Relationship Specialist

Business and Tourism Management
 [email protected] 

ruben 2

Ruben Gotor Montañes

Quality Specialist

Electromechanical maintenance technician
 [email protected] 

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