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A highly qualified team of professionals at your disposal

The great value of Infinitia is the people who invent it.
We are a flexible and multidisciplinary team of specialists, capable of carrying out complex challenges and projects.
In addition to talent and experience, we share a passion for our work and commitment to our clients.
CEO, hygiene consultant
PhD in Analytical Chemistry Science
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Javier Graus Almenar

Polymers & nanomaterials consultant
Chemical Engineering
Polymer analyst consultant
Chemical Engineering
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Vanesa Rodríguez Mata

Failure mode analysis consultant​
Master in Industrial Engineering
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Ruben Gotor Montañes

Quality consultant
Electromechanical maintenance technician
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Marina Frías Aznar

Chemical analysis consultant

Master in industrial chemistry

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Andrea Lavilla Marquina

Polymer innovation consultant

Master in supramolecular chemistry

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Regina De Diego Castilla

Food engineering consultant
Master in Agronomy & Food Industry Graduate
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Elena Díaz de Marco

Nutritionist & food technology consultant
Master in Food technology and industry
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Silvia Pallaruelo Lahoz

Chemical synthesis & characterization consultant
Master in analytical chemistry and enviromental contaminants
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Alba Arranz García

Microbiology & hygiene consultant

Master in molecular and cellular biology

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Alberto Zurro Sebastián

Energetic & catalytic disinfection technologies consultant
Chemical Engineering
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Inko Romero Zubeldia

Mechanical & prototyping specialist consultant
Industrial Design Engineering
Industrial Design & prototyping consultant
Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering
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Enrique Cañada Panea

Electronics & software consultant
Master in Robotics, AI & Computer Vision
Chemical formulation consultant
Master in industrial chemistry
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Cristina Franco Biurrun

UX design consultant
Master in User Experience for products and services
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Ignacio Corrales Sanz

Administrative and controller

MBA business management