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Problems with materials? Infinitia finds the solution!

1 Forensic Engineering

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    5 Forensic Engineering

    What is Forensic Engineering?

    Forensic Engineering is the branch of engineering responsible for investigating the causes and consequences of a failure to prevent it from occurring in the future or to resolve conflicts of responsibility. At Infinitia, we apply forensic engineering to the world of materials.

    We are the materials science police! Instead of investigating the scene of the crime, we investigate the materials, from the production line, to a product that comes from a market claim.

    The focus is on investigation, asking questions, performing lab analysis, reproducing the failure – all to determine why a failure occurred and to find a solution.

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    The most common cases are failures that affect the loss of functionality, the quality of the final product... that most of the times are caused by an anomaly in the manufacturing process, or a bad use of the product.

    For this reason:
    - They analyze materials with advanced laboratory techniques and instruments, with the aim of knowing their past, finding traces, or clues.
    - They study what marks or defects are produced in the materials in the manufacturing process.
    - They carry out tests to see how the materials behave or reproduce faults.
    - They talk to many people, to gather as much information as possible and find the key point.

    What do we offer you?

    Thanks to our team’s experience in materials science and production processes, at Infinitia we offer you a fast, efficient and high value-added service in solving material-related problems:

    • Failure analysis: we determine the mode and cause of failure in production, product or market claims; providing key information e.g. in order to establish responsibilities.
    • Reverse engineering: we analyze market products with the aim of knowing their composition, operation, possible interactions between components… achieving better designs, selecting better materials, or even knowing better your competitors.
    • Characterization of materials: we study the material, and thus obtain key information to e.g. select the ideal material in the design, or to know the composition of an unknown sample with a contaminant.
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    Other services we provide are:
    -Definition of requirements: we can define the requirements for new products or design tests adapted to the needs of each client. In addition, we can analyse the technical sheet to verify if the applicable quality standards are met or to detect future errors in production in time.
    -Product life tests: we study the behaviour of the parts against chemical and atmospheric aggressions, or by recreating different environmental conditions. We can carry out, or even define, life tests that reproduce the operating conditions and thus predict the behaviour of the material after years in service.
    -Technical consultancy: many consultations made to us are for quick decision-making on a problem that requires technical knowledge. We are like another part of your organization, performing a first evaluation, proposing solutions or next steps.
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    7 Forensic Engineering

    What will you get from Forensic Engineering?

    What differentiate from others is that we give you a concrete, tangible solution that is totally adapted to your needs.

    Thanks to our method, previous experience in the industrial sector, and the most advanced technologies, we can offer you the best solution.

    In short, at Infinitia:

    • We provide you with efficient solutions
    • We help you to solve from the simplest case, to the most complex problem that requires specific equipment and technical knowledge.
    • We provide you with an external and objective point of view, saving costs, time and avoiding the involvement of multiple agents.
    • We work with multiple areas of your organization. From the quality and purchasing departments, the production and product development areas, to the technical service.

    Do you want to know more?

    Contact us through the following link and ask for all the information you need without obligation.

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    Works done

    Reverse engineering of weather-resistant plastics

    What was the challenge or problem to solve? A customer found a plastic on the market that could withstand and was not affected by exposure to weathering, and wanted to reverse engineer it. There are few plastics that can withstand long exposure to weathering because it needs to have a specific composition and characteristics. The [...]

    Fatigue analysis of materials and redesign of cracked components

    What was the challenge or problem to solve? Fatigue in materials is a fairly common phenomenon, and in particular, there are some components that after being installed in public transport, after a few months of use, appeared with cracks and had a high risk of breaking. To avoid this, the customer requested a failure mode [...]

    Redesign of plastic components for their manufacture and industrialization

    What was the challenge or problem to solve? The customer requested the help of the Prototyping team to redesign some plastic components for manufacturing and industrialization. Previously, he had developed an electronic device composed of several assembled plastic elements. These components had been designed without taking into account the particularities of the plastic part design [...]

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