Can synthetic meat make us more sustainable?

Can synthetic meat make us more sustainable?

Synthetic meat is beginning to emerge as an option for the future. It works as an alternative method to the slaughter of animals -still being tested and not commercialized- with a flavor created in a laboratory through meat cells, but without death. “With vegetable meats, it is often not possible to achieve the same flavor

Corporate culture plan at INFINITIA: efficiency, passion and concern for employees

Corporate culture plan at INFINITIA: efficiency, passion and concern for employees

In the wake of the pandemic, the labor market has exploded in several countries. In the United States, workers have started the ‘Great Quit’ phenomenon, a movement whereby they have left their jobs, overwhelmed by the burden their companies were putting on them. Although Spain has not yet witnessed such a wave, the frustration of

What are life cycle analyses for? We analyse the Waste Law for making sustainable products

What are life cycle analyses for? We analyse the Waste Law for making sustainable products

In April, the Spanish Congress of Deputies approved the Law on Waste and Contaminated Land. The aim is to prevent and reduce the impact of certain plastic products on the environment, thus moving towards sustainable products and a circular economy. “The law, which is ambitious, proposes a separation between household waste, textiles, oils, hazardous waste,

What is corporate branding and how to create a brand image?

branding marca

Corporate branding is a very broad term that encompasses all issues that have to do with the marketing of a company. In this article, you will learn what corporate branding is and how to build your own brand to stand out and differentiate yourself from competitors in your industry. What is branding? Corporate branding is

The best surface disinfection methods

metodos desinfeccion

Surface disinfection serves to eliminate pathogens on surfaces and, in turn, to prevent the spread of bacteria. The act of disinfecting surfaces on a regular basis is an excellent formula for disease prevention and control and is a good general hygiene practice. The frequency of disinfection depends entirely on the risk potential, although regular routine

Quality assurance: what is it?

aseguramiento de calidad

Quality assurance is key in any product development and in all the processes involved to ensure that the final product meets all the requirements and achieves the highest level of assurance and safety. In this article, we explain what quality assurance is, its advantages and everything to do with ISO standards to ensure maximum quality

Product failure analysis

analisis de fallos

Product failure analysis is an investigation to determine the cause of a failure, usually with the aim of taking corrective action to solve the problem and prevent further problems. Failure analysis is carried out in all branches of the manufacturing industry to prevent future failures of products, processes and materials. In this article we explain

Video summary of participation in MetalMadrid 19-20 October

Video summary of participation in MetalMadrid 19-20 October

Hello, We leave you a video summary of our participation in Metal Madrid last 19-20 October šŸ­ šŸ”© šŸ”§ it was a very productive fair in which we could meet old acquaintances and make new interesting contacts, we hope you like it šŸ˜‰ #ingenierĆ­aforenseĀ #materialesĀ #metalĀ #Madrid Advanced Manufacturing ES INFINITIA Industrial Consulting

Food safety in industrial processes

seguridad alimentaria industria

Food safety is a fundamental element in all production processes involving food to ensure food quality and human health. By complying with food safety standards, many food poisonings that affect health can be avoided. In this article, we tell you what food safety is, what the regulations are, what the analyses are for and how

Use of alternative materials

Materiales alternativos

Industries around the world are looking to implement the use of alternative and sustainable materials in the products they manufacture, so that they not only decrease the carbon footprint, but also improve the properties of those products. The use of alternative materials is being prioritised as the new profit-driving business innovation. In this article, we

Steps to developing innovative products

Desarrollar productos innovadores

Today, the development of innovative products is valued for its disruptive character, i.e. innovations whose impact is capable of setting a trajectory for the future. When developing innovative products, their usefulness and relevance must be taken into account. Therefore, when approaching product innovation, it is advisable to start with the objective of creating products that