Food safety in industrial processes

seguridad alimentaria industria

Food safety is a fundamental element in all production processes involving food to ensure food quality and human health. By complying with food safety standards, many food poisonings that affect health can be avoided. In this article, we tell you what food safety is, what the regulations are, what the analyses are for and how

Use of alternative materials

Materiales alternativos

Industries around the world are looking to implement the use of alternative and sustainable materials in the products they manufacture, so that they not only decrease the carbon footprint, but also improve the properties of those products. The use of alternative materials is being prioritised as the new profit-driving business innovation. In this article, we

Steps to developing innovative products

Desarrollar productos innovadores

Today, the development of innovative products is valued for its disruptive character, i.e. innovations whose impact is capable of setting a trajectory for the future. When developing innovative products, their usefulness and relevance must be taken into account. Therefore, when approaching product innovation, it is advisable to start with the objective of creating products that

What is SWOT analysis?


SWOT analysis is a technique for assessing a company’s performance, competition, risk and potential. SWOT analysis evaluates internal and external factors, as well as the current and future potential of a company to improve its opportunities. Want to know more? In this article, we explain what a SWOT analysis is, its components and how to

Waste recovery and its importance in the circular economy

valorizacion residuos

Waste recovery is the process of reusing, recycling or composting waste materials and converting them into more useful products, such as materials, chemicals, fuels or other energy sources. In this article we explain what waste recovery is, how it relates to the circular economy and how important it is for industry. Índice:What is waste recovery?Applications

What are consumer habits and why analyse them?

habitos de consumo

Understanding, analysing and tracking customer consumption habits is critical for both business and product development industries. Deciphering the processes behind customer decisions means we can use that information to increase profits. In this article, we explain what consumer habits are and why they are important. Índice:What are consumer habits?Why is it important to analyse consumer

Superfoods. What are they?


The growing demand for superfoods is opening the way for exciting new products. Superfoods are becoming increasingly important in our diet, thanks to the multiple health benefits they offer. In this article we tell you what superfoods are, what they are and the importance of their incorporation into the food industry’s commercial strategy. Índice:What are

Shore hardness scale

escala dureza shore

Knowing the shore hardness of a material is fundamental to the success of a project. Shore hardness offers different scales to measure the strength of different materials, which are not measurable by other types of hardness tests. In this article we tell you what shore hardness is, how it is measured and the different types

TGA What is thermogravimetric analysis?

analisis termogavimetrico

TGA or thermogravimetric analysis is one of the most popular tests in  the manufacturing and materials industries as it allows testing of many different materials such as metals, polymers, ceramics and glass. Thermogravimetric analysis provides the data needed for a wide range of material characterisation purposes. Here we explain what TGA is, how it is

Design as an improvement in industry. The keys to Inko Romero’s product development.

Design as an improvement in industry. The keys to Inko Romero's product development.

Inko Romero (Urnieta, 1986) has always been interested in observing and learning. In 2009 he completed his studies in Technical Engineering in Industrial Design -now a degree in Product Development- to start his professional career in the company Trenasa (CAF group) working on the design of structures and supports for the railway sector. The desire

Part drawing design: Their importance in product development

planos por piezas

The drawing of drawings is an integral part of the product development process, which uses a standardised language and symbols to communicate accurately and visually the information necessary for the manufacture of a part or product. Before any product can take shape in reality, it requires the design of drawings for each of its parts.

Food quality control

control de calidad en los alimentos

Food industries work with highly sensitive products that require routine inspections and food controls, from the sourcing of raw materials to the distribution of finished products. Food quality control not only prevents food poisoning, but also has a direct impact on consumer satisfaction, brand reputation and company performance. In this article we explain what food