How to develop a product? INFINITIA’s help with the Industrial Technical Consulting service

Surely you have an idea to develop and market a product. You’ve started, but you’re stuck. You lack the means, or maybe some help. This situation is more common than you think. That’s why, at INFINITIA, we have tried to find a solution. We do it through an industrial technical consulting service.

“When we participate in projects as technical consultancy we are support,” declares Inko Romero, INFINITIA’s prototyping consultant, who has recently entered a project with these characteristics. In this type of project, “We only provide the information. It is the customers who buy the parts, do the tests and manufacture the prototype. We are advising them on the steps and verifying whether what they do is correct; we act as a kind of referee,” he explains. However, “at all times, the aim is for them to achieve their objectives.

INFINITIA accompanies, but the client does not lose control of the project. In this way, the consultancy can diversify along several paths, including the search for suppliers, the preparation of solutions or the validation of prototypes. The idea is that companies that are in the development process -whether they have just started or are advanced and stuck- can access other knowledge that they do not have due to resources or lack of time, among other reasons.

In this sense, Romero explains that his main fields are: product and parts development, the choice of manufacturing technologies and supplier prospecting. He places special emphasis on this last aspect, as he considers that it is where they are currently contributing the most. “We pre-filter suppliers, for example, by price or by the characteristics required by the projects. Afterwards, we prepare a proposal with initial costs and an orientation of the tests that the company has to carry out to validate these components so that they can start with the prototype,” says Romero.

The biggest problem they encounter in this process is that sometimes there is a belief that everything can be achieved, according to Javier Sanz, CEO of INFINITIA. However, trust is key in this service. “There is a habit that, when a manufacturer asks for an outside development, they try to sell things that are not optimal but that, in some way, seem to suit the company. In our case this is not the case,” our CEO clarifies. “We can say things honestly, without being shy about pointing out what is wrong, because we are advising. Some people may not like to hear this, but what matters is that you can trust us,” he says.

Weak points are shown and the client is given the notions to redirect his or her path. “There is no conflict of interest. The technical criterion and the best solution is what prevails in the project,” Romero reaffirms with confidence.

In this way, INFINITIA’s prototyping and product development area is able to offer value to the manufacturer from the moment the idea is conceived until it is about to enter the mass production process.

If you find yourself in any of these situations and need support to perfect your product, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.