Ultrasound for food safety improvement

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

Food safety has always been an essential aspect for the industry. Now, it is becoming more and more relevant at the household level.

However, consumers have to clean food easily at home and cannot be sure to clean up any impurities or chemical or microbiological contaminants that may be associated with it.

A client wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of certain technologies for sanitizing certain foods.

Ultrasound for food safety improvement
Ultrasound for food safety improvement

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

Ultrasound technology was selected as the optimal technology for food sanitization due to its versatility.

For this purpose, the materials innovation team designed a set-up to reproduce in the laboratory the conditions of contaminated food and subjected to the technology by optimizing variables such as intensity, amplitude, frequencies, times…

Finally, the hygienic capacity of ultrasound against certain contaminants was evaluated by gas chromatography.


  • Reproduction of contaminated food conditions
  • Optimize ultrasonic variables to maximize sanitizing effect


  • Identification of ultrasound variables with greater effectiveness in eliminating food contaminants.
  • Study of the capacity of ultrasound technology for food sanitization
  • Application of European standard protocols for quantification of contaminant content in food

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