Innovation in materials

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What is innovation in materials?

We live in complex and very competitive times, which lead us to have to be different, or cheaper. Where do you want your company to be?

Necessity attracts ingenuity. Innovation in materials makes it possible to meet users’ needs through improvements to existing products or processes, or by creating something completely new. To do so, we need to take perspective and focus our efforts on what society demands: sustainability, intelligent materials, multifunctionality…

Innovation does not necessarily mean investing in cutting-edge technology, but simply finding the key to reinventing your business model.

What do we offer you?

The industrial sector suffers a constant evolution where we see the importance of innovation in new materials and processes, however, sometimes this concept is abstract.

At Infinitia we can help you go down to earth and materialize that idea you’ve had in mind for a long time, or that project you’ve been working on and think you could use an external or different approach.

Whatever your needs are, count on us to help you and offer you the best solution.

More information
- Product improvement: achieve new properties, increase performance, obtain more competitive, efficient, environmentally friendly products...
- Process improvement: reduce production costs, replace outdated processes with new improved ones, adapt them to changes in legislation...
- Differentiate yourself: solve your weaknesses, enhance your strengths, create a new product totally different from the competition...
- Knowing the state of the art: bibliographic & patent review, competitor analysis, prospecting and selection of suppliers...

What will you achieve through innovation in materials?

What sets us apart from others is that we “speak the same language”, understand your needs, and provide you with a customized solution.

We adapt to your way of working. You can count on us for small incremental improvements, or even totally disruptive innovations.

In addition to the extensive network of contacts we have developed over the years, we have laboratories where Infinitia’s group of experts work alongside companies, factories and technology centres on a daily basis.

In short, thanks to innovation in materials you will achieve:
– adapt to changes and new customer needs,
– improve your products and processes,

Do you want to know more?

Contact us through the following link and ask for all the information you need without obligation.

Works done

Characterization of gases released in combustion processes

What was the challenge or problem to solve? The objective of the study was the analysis of the gases that were generated during a combustion process, due to the danger and toxicity of some compounds. This information allowed the client to optimize their process and optimize the different variables to minimize the generation of unwanted [...]

Design and training of panelists for food tastings

What was the challenge or problem to solve? The organoleptic properties of a food product are essential in its final quality. Therefore, for the development of new processing technologies and new products it is necessary to ensure sensory satisfaction by the end consumer. However, unlike other analyzes in the food field, the sensory properties are [...]

Improvement of refrigerants with nanomaterials

What was the challenge or problem to solve? Refrigeration circuits need a large input of energy to function. In certain applications, current solutions are not enough and present certain temperature problems. How was it addressed or what was the solution? As an alternative, the Materials Innovation team carried out the additivation of the refrigerant with [...]

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