IUtest - Infinitia Users Panel

IUtest, the INFINITIA user panel

IUtest is the INFINITIA user community, formed by a large number of panelists, segmented with the aim of obtaining and compiling useful and valuable information in the different projects and activities of user analysis and ideation that we carry out for our customers.

IUtest, the INFINITIA user panel
IUtest, the INFINITIA user panel

Benefits that IUtest brings to our customers and how we differentiate ourselves from others

We are specialized in user panels for industrial projects, forming a wide community of real and representative users of the market. This allows us to guarantee:

  • Speed in the search and selection of users of interest according to the characteristics of the projects.
  • Potential to segment users by profiles and specific variables.
  • Versatility and adaptation to focus according to the interests of the project.
  • Reliability and support to obtain segmented conclusions according to profiles.
  • Possibility of adapting to the different research techniques to be used.
  • Continuously updated community through new profiles and the possibility of incorporating specific profiles on demand.

In what type of projects can IUtest be incorporated?

IUtest can be used in the development of all types of qualitative and quantitative research projects:

  • Ideation projects and development of proposals by users.
  • Validation projects for all types of ideas and products.
  • Research projects and knowledge of consumer behaviour in different situations and scenarios.
  • Projects for the prior detection of situations linked to problems and improvement areas.
  • Projects for the design of solutions based on user experiences.
  • Projects for quantitative measurement of different parameters and forecasting.
IUtest, the INFINITIA user panel

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A continuously growing community of user panelists

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  • You will be able to participate in innovative and cutting-edge projects of industrial companies, being one of the first persons to test new products that will be launched on the market.
  • You will contribute to the development and improvement of products through the information and assessment you provide to us.
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