The coronavirus has greatly modified and altered the day-to-day life of institutions and companies. A new scenario in which from Infinitia, specialists in forensic engineering, we have decided to face by offering our knowledge and experience in the creation of mobile units for virus detection.

The spread of the epidemic, as well as the increase in outbreaks in certain areas, although it can be monitored, is practically impossible to predict. In certain places in our community or country we observe how new infections appear almost daily. This situation puts in “check” both public administrations or the private sector, which are forced to give a quick and effective response, as well as carrying out the corresponding PCR tests to those who consider it.

Aware of being able to contribute to alleviating this health emergency from Infinitia in collaboration with the alegria-activity company, we have designed a solution to the possible cases of accumulation of evidence at a specific point. For this, the units we have designed become true “mobile laboratories”. They are defined as PCR outposts for the detection of the virus and their main objective is to quickly make an analysis area available right next to the focus of the problem. “We want to be a complement to the tests that are currently being carried out; we have not devised it as a substitute. Our purpose is to offer a plus where our added value is the immediacy of being able to reach the place in question, avoiding unnecessary travel by those who may be affected”, says Javier Sanz CEO of Infinitia.

Among the proposed functionalities is the taking of samples in the population at risk. The mobile units would move to the requested area, responding in such a way to the urgency and assistance of the corresponding health situation. That is, they could “respond to a state of accumulation derived from a rapid expansion characteristic of the behavior of COVID-19“, points out Sanz.


Each of the vehicles will be equipped with the necessary equipment and in accordance with the current sanitary and legal requirements set by the Ministry of Health, as well as the requirements demanded by the Aragonese executive. Characteristics and essential obligations so that the result of the examinations to be carried out is valid. The personnel that make up each unit will be made up of a healthcare team that will have the relevant accreditations to carry out the test.

Saving time in obtaining results is another of the main characteristics to take into account in this new service. In addition to having the possibility of doing it “in situ”, thanks to the laboratory provided in these mobile units, it could be reduced to just 4 hours; when as of today they are released in an interval that varies from 24 to 48 hours.

In the process of creating these advanced positions, the team of professionals that is part of Infinitia has given support to the technical part of the laboratory and specific support in its design, in addition to searching for the most appropriate equipment aligned with the intended purpose.


INFINITIA "GETS UP" ON THE PCR BUSJavier Sanz: “We have been able to take advantage of previous experiences in other sectors to design this mobile laboratory. From the beginning of the project, it was challenging, but at the same time very satisfactory to be able to contribute and contribute our grain of sand “.


The joint work with alegria-activity, a company dedicated to the implementation of communication campaigns since 1987 based on the development of unique experiences, has been decisive for the development of the project.

INFINITIA "GETS UP" ON THE PCR BUSJuan Carlos Salas: “We try to add value to society by using our mobile units to bring the solution closer to the point of origin of the problem. We are experts in mobility, but we need a travel companion to provide content to our units, and that companion has been Infinitia. Without them it would not have been possible”