Interview with Javier Sanz. JS, young and over-prepared

JS is the initials of Javier Sanz, CEO of Infinitia, and also the initials of a young man who is well prepared. Born in Zaragoza, from an early age it was clear to him that his professional career would be marked by analytical research of components.

D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Zaragoza, research and investigation would guide the path to follow in his career. Since 2010 he has worked as a researcher in various projects combining the public and private sectors. Proof of this are articles and patents developed for the group of NANOSENSORS AND BIOANALYTICAL SYSTEMS (N&SB), a research group of the University of Zaragoza in which he began as a specialist, specifically in research in the field of chemical sensors.

One of the turning points that helped his career to take off was the opportunity to take part in a private collaboration with the company BSH Electrodomésticos España. A challenge and an important opportunity that led him to delve into the manufacture of gas sensors that had the ability to control certain food cooking processes. The effort employed had a reward to match, since in 2011 and 2012 they obtained the 2nd prize of the BSH- Unizar chair in the category of research groups. Prestigious specialized publications reflected this fact, and they were featured on the cover of the scientific journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry journal.

Without leaving the field of research and based on daily experience, “on the ground, on the ground” as he likes to say, the year 2014 would mark another before and after in the life of Sanz. Immersed in a private collaboration with BSH – Unizar, they glimpsed the opportunity to launch a business. The creation of a company in which to develop their capabilities aimed at solving and providing specific solutions to specific companies, or in other words, customers. This is the birth of: Infinitia.

In addition to his PhD, which he obtained in 2017, in 2020 he completed the Executive MBA at the ESIC School of Marketing & Business in Zaragoza. In this way Javier Sanz combines a specific technical profile with skills related to the world of business, its management and promotion.

For Sanz, the industrial sector is facing strong threats, such as the well-known relocation of production to those countries that have lower costs and from this point of view are more competitive. This is why engineering companies “must support all these companies so that they can develop their activity successfully, improve their competitiveness and achieve together the consolidation of productive ecosystems,” he says.

As CEO of Infinitia, he coordinates and directs a group of professionals that has been growing in number and skills. His main work focuses on strategy design and business development. However, he also dedicates time to those that require a more operational capacity. His support and reinforcement in the other areas, also in those related to marketing or operations, is essential for the whole team to function and fit together perfectly.

If I had to choose a material, it would be a catalyst because I help to bring about certain “reactions” and changes in people and companies.

His greatest inspiration are those entrepreneurs who have been able to create profitable and sustainable businesses from the beginning. For Javier they are “clear examples of success and entrepreneurship”.