The importance of design: Industrial packaging

Over time, industrial packaging design has become an indispensable factor when it comes to protecting products from the risks that may be associated with storage and transportation. In this article we explain what it is and why packaging design is becoming more and more important in the industry.

What is product packaging?

Packaging refers to any type of container or shipping component, whether boxes, envelopes, tapes, handles, cushioning, bags, reusable containers, drums, etc. It is usually very strong and versatile, and can also be designed to store a wide variety of goods, from hazardous waste to food.

The main purpose of industrial packaging is to protect products during storage or transport. On the other hand, it is the first impression a customer receives of a brand and therefore also serves a marketing function.

Main benefits of packaging design or industrial packaging

Protection and safety

The main task of industrial packaging is to protect materials and ensure their safety, especially for consumers. To this end, regulations require packaging to follow strict packaging guidelines. The packaging design process plays a key role in helping companies meet the requirements, analyzing potential design flaws and validating the packaging. As well as selecting the right material depending on the type of product and designing accordingly. In addition to being essential for health reasons, industrial packaging protects products from damage or cross-contamination during storage or transport. For example, packaging prevents liquids from spilling and protects products from damage or breakage.

Marketing and branding

Packaging design is the connection of the shape, structure, materials, color, images, typography and regulatory information of a product’s packaging with a dual function: utilitarian and attractive. A well thought-out packaging design will have a positive impact on the way consumers identify the brand. A good way to raise the company’s profile and reach more customers would be to redesign the graphic image to reflect the corporate identity in a personalized way. For example, drums, boxes or containers can be painted in the company’s colors or labeled with its logos.

On the other hand, the shape and design of the packaging must be able to differentiate the product from the competition. In fact, the development of the shape and the graphic design of the packaging are very close concepts, which must be in harmony in order to harmonize the brand image.

Industry standards

Industrial packaging is designed under the parameters of the legislation governing the storage and transport of industrial products. In this sense, the packaging design is focused on complying with these regulations without forgetting the previous elements.

Factors involved in the packaging design process

Industrial packaging is designed to ensure the durability and protection of goods. However, when it comes to industrial packaging design, there are many factors that determine design decisions, such as the choice of materials to be used for packaging. Today, being environmentally friendly is important, which is why more and more biodegradable packaging is being used. Balancing the needs of sustainability with the adequate protection of the goods.

On the other hand, the design of industrial packaging depends on the content, size, weight and destination of the product. In other words, the constructive approach to packaging design is determined by several elements, ranging from ergonomics and shape optimization to transportation logistics. Suppose a designer is able to make a smaller package without reducing efficiency, then more items would be shipped each way and take up less logistical space.

Some packaging materials are specially designed to withstand certain climatic conditions, such as produce crates. Similarly, the different types of food packaging are manufactured taking into account that food must be preserved during transport, preventing it from losing its properties and preventing food poisoning that may occur due to contamination of the environment.

Innovations in industrial packaging

Currently, there are two trends in packaging design that are gaining ground: one is the rejection of labeling, and the other is minimalism. Artistic, ergonomic, utilitarian and simple forms of packaging design are triumphing in the market, offering a great advantage over the competition.

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