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    What is strategic design?

    The focus and influence of strategic design has been expanding rapidly in recent years. And more and more organizations are adopting this approach to define and implement their design innovation strategies.

    By integrating the areas of user, business and product we address challenges from a holistic point of view, managing to focus on all those aspects that influence decision-making and the detection of opportunities within a company.


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    Sometimes thinking about new ideas, building new projects, identifying what your customers want or even knowing if your products or services have an impact on the market is a complex task and a process full of uncertainties.

    Our strategic designers are experts in industrial design innovation, engineering and marketing who will work with you in a collaborative way, turning your concerns into theirs and getting the most optimized route to solve your problems.

    What do we offer you?

    – We research the user: We identify and understand your target customer. Understanding what their needs are and obtaining value proposals that fit their user profile.

    – We analyze the business: We generate a differential advantage in the market, innovating current business models and creating new ones. By analyzing the potential of your idea we can know the impact it will have on the market.

    – We design the product: We add value to the pre-development phases of our clients’ products or processes, entering with them into the research, co-creation and design phases of the solution itself. We use rapid prototyping to be agile in decision making and to be able to analyze form, function and technology.

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    How did we get all this?

    We research the user, designing tailor-made qualitative and/or quantitative studies. Our work ranges from the identification of the best methodologies for research, to the carrying out of the studies and their subsequent analysis. This means, starting by understanding the context of the study until identifying which is the value proposal that we have to offer to our clients.
    We analyze the business, studying and understanding the current state of the market and identifying which are the future lines of development. This will give you clarity about the value your product can have. It will also allow us to know, through the realization of business cases and feasibility studies, how we can develop this value even further to increase the impact on the market.
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    Why do you need strategic design?

    Sometimes thinking about new ideas, building new projects, identifying what your customers want or even knowing if your products or services have an impact on the market is a complex task and a process full of uncertainty for those small and medium sized companies that do not have a specialized area in market and business research.

    Strategic design can help you at different levels within your organization, no matter if your problem is very concrete and specific or if it covers many aspects, we will adapt to your specific case.

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    - At the strategic/corporate level, our work can be used as a source of competitive advantage, and also as a catalyst for change in the scope and direction of the organization.

    - At the business/corporate level, we create unique product and service concepts and as a tool to seek out new competitive strategies and reinforce existing ones. At this level the focus is on the future needs of the customers and the objectives of the business unit.

    - At the operational/functional level, we focus on improving the efficiency of individual projects, design processes and the management of the design team itself. The success of a business strategy depends primarily on the activities carried out at this level.

    Do you want to know more?

    Contact us through the following link and ask for all the information you need without obligation.

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    Works done

    Product design and flavored waters from an interdisciplinary approach

    One of the latest challenges we have faced as a team has been within the beverage sector, specifically flavored waters. The challenge consisted of designing a product that facilitates the preparation of these beverages, optimizing and improving the process that users are currently using. Since facing this challenge individually would not allow us to obtain [...]

    Plastic injection molding simulation to predict manufacturing defects on components

    What was the challenge or problem to solve? A customer requested to perform plastic injection simulations to predict possible defects in the manufacture of components. Thanks to these simulations performed by the Prototyping team, it could be ensured that possible surface or functional defects related to part geometry or mold configuration could be detected. How [...]

    Market research in the confectionery sector

    What was the challenge or problem to solve? The objective of this project focused on conducting a market study to analyze the current situation of the confectionery sector in order to identify opportunities and market niches. The approach of this study was based on conducting a competitor analysis of related products in the confectionery field [...]

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