Packaging Evaluation Under Extreme Humidity And Temperature Conditions

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

The client’s high concern about the performance of the packaging of their products led them to contact us to test if the packaging was correctly fulfilling its function of protecting the product. Part of their stock was being stored in countries where humidity and temperature levels can be very high, so the packaging could be affected by these environmental conditions.

Packaging Evaluation Under Extreme Humidity And Temperature Conditions
The Forensic Engineering Department analyzed the packaging components, recreating an environment to simulate and control the climatic conditions of storage that occur in hot and humid countries.

The study verified that these extreme environmental conditions did not alter the functional or dimensional characteristics of the packaging. Moreover, the presence of microorganisms such as fungi or moulds was ruled out. Thus, the customer was able to validate that the performance of its packaging was adequate and met its quality requirements. 

Packaging Evaluation Under Extreme Humidity And Temperature Conditions
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

Due to the complexity of the study, the materials were characterized under normal conditions before being tested. Therefore, the packaging components were designed and adapted in this phase.

We then proceeded to assemble the prototype in a climatic chamber that simulated the desired environmental conditions. The behavior of the prototype was verified and the necessary variations were made to ensure that the prototype fulfilled its function.

Over the course of several weeks, the evolution of the prototype in the climatic chamber was rigorously monitored. Our team evaluated and interpreted the weekly results using averaging and structural testing methods. In order to guarantee the reliability of the tests to the client, it was necessary to analyze in detail the images and measurements taken.

The conclusions of the investigation confirmed that the material had not undergone any substantial changes in its structure and that no microorganism growth had occurred, thus confirming that the packaging provided optimum product protection.

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