Reverse Engineering of Components, Design and Manufacturing

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

Our client lost an indispensable adapter for the use of specific syringes in one of their laboratory equipment. It required reverse engineering of components, as acquiring a new device represented an expensive and impractical solution, with the additional risk of not meeting result delivery deadlines.

Reverse Engineering of Components, Design and Manufacturing

In this context, an innovative approach was proposed: to design and manufacture a replacement adapter without having the original piece, using only a reference image as a guide. The challenge was to achieve an adapter that fit precisely to the pipette and syringes, ensuring exact and efficient alignment.

With this project, INFINITIA demonstrated that it is possible to solve specific problems through creative solutions and advanced technology. This approach not only allowed our client to meet their deadlines without significant costs but also confirmed the effectiveness of reverse engineering in developing customized solutions in the field of research and science.

Reverse Engineering of Components, Design and Manufacturing
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

First, the Product Development team took precise measurements of both the laboratory equipment and the various syringes using metrology tools. This process was fundamental to ensuring that the adapter met the assembly and functionality requirements. Then, professional CAD software was used for the adapter design, considering all the dimensional constraints for a perfect fit.


The implementation of 3D printing technology using DLP resin allowed for rapid prototyping and validation of the design. Through iterations and minor adjustments, made with the same precision, a final version of the adapter that met all design and functionality criteria was achieved.

The result was a resounding success. The final adapter fit perfectly with the laboratory equipment and syringes, meeting all the functional and dimensional requirements.

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