Antolin collaborates with Infinitia on a project for efficient sanitization and purification

Antolin is collaborating with Infinitia on projects within the framework of technologies for efficient sanitization and purification, as well as evaluating the impact of these technologies on vehicle interior materials.

Within its Clean Interiors project, Antolin is researching different technologies with the aim of turning the vehicle interior into a space of safety, comfort and high perceived quality, as well as a bubble of health protection.

This project has two lines of work. The first is the management and improvement of air quality, offering safety to the occupants against viruses and periodic epidemics such as influenza, as well as protecting the interior of the vehicle against the high concentration of allergens and pollution in urban centers. Another of Clean Interiors’ lines of research is the development of solutions for the sterilization of car interior surfaces.

This research pursues the integration of systems inside the car that allow intelligent control of the air quality inside the car and the sterilization of surfaces, after analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and validating their effects.

All research and development is carried out in collaboration with organizations specialized in the technologies involved and in the biological and sanitary field, such as Infinitia.

This engineering consultancy is specialized in providing innovative solutions to the industrial sector thanks to its teams specialized in a multitude of technical skills.

Infinitia has been collaborating and sharing with Antolin the knowledge of its experts in areas such as photocatalysis and ozone, key within the techniques for the sanitization and purification of interiors.

Thanks to its professional research group, it has been possible to jointly study and validate the impact of processes such as cabin sanitization and purification on the materials used by Antolin for vehicle interiors.