How to measure a user’s interest in a product? The use of in-depth interviews

Infinitia’s Strategic Design team uses in-depth interviews with end consumers in order to validate a concept, an idea or a solution, and to measure the interest of these potential users in them. Understood as a method of qualitative analysis, we believe it is necessary to focus on this tool because of its efficiency and the quality of the information obtained through its use, since, in comparison, it is superior to that obtained through other qualitative research methods with similar costs.

With a timeframe of approximately two months, the final work consists of understanding the buyer. As Javier Sanz, CEO of Infinitia, explains: “Many times technical products are launched on the market without having received feedback from users, which causes a waste of time and money, since they fail to provide the expected value and are not purchased”. The use of the in-depth interview saves the client from launching prototypes without knowing how well they will be accepted, since they are previously evaluated with the end consumer. For an idea that is highly developed compared to previous technologies to work, it is essential to measure user interest,” adds Cristina Franco, User Experience Designer at Infinita.

Through a videoconference or a face-to-face meeting, in-depth surveys can be conducted with a simple sketch or drawing, a prototype, a mockup, a minimum viable product or MPV, and even with a real product. If we enter the realm of the user experience tester, we can even measure the user’s interest in the format presented. “In this sense, what is done is to offer the customer a squarer prototype, a rounder one, a softer one… With these tangible devices, users are asked a series of questions that will help us to understand their perception and preferences about them,” Franco points out. However, although this is a complementary tool, the main intention of the in-depth interviews is to reveal the end user’s motivation for using a product in one way or another.

For example, at Infinitia we want to help a client launch a new product that improves usability. For them, we conduct in-depth interviews to see what is the current process of using them, what moves users to use this product, we try to see their reasons, to understand what’s inside. We have also done something similar with vacuum cleaners.

“In this process it is important to see the reactions that customers have. When you take them out of their usual context, out of their natural habitat, and make them ask why they do what they do, you get to investigate their behaviors and behavioral habits”. Sometimes these are questions that are not asked and that obviousness overwhelms. In the end, the idea is to obtain relevant information about an idea in a relatively short period of time and without using too many resources,” says Paola Pequerul, Strategic Designer at Infinitia.

In short, at Infinitia we offer the client the validation of any project or product idea based on a conversation with the end user for whom it is intended. If you have an idea and you need help to materialize it and find an addressee, do not hesitate to contact our team of strategic design and prototyping professionals. They will offer you the best solution.