Technological innovations in the machine tool sector at the BIEHM exhibition in Bilbao

A couple of weeks ago part of the INFINITIA Industrial Consulting team took part in the 31st edition of the Biennial Spanish Machine Tool Exhibition (BIEHM) in Bilbao after 4 years without opening its doors.

This interesting exhibition of technological innovations has been held every two years since 1961 and is the third most important industrial fair in Europe; aimed at manufacturers, importers and distributors to exhibit their products and services and to establish strong commercial links.

Given its relevance, this year the participation has been largely by national companies and also by foreign companies so INFINITIA has experienced it as an excellent opportunity to expand its market. Technological innovations used in machinery (3D printing, robotics…) are being progressively implemented in the industrial field, contributing to the improvement of business productivity.

In addition, this fair shows us the importance of taking advantage of natural resources to generate a sustainable industry.

In this fair we can find the participation of various sectors in the industrial world:

  • Machinery (starting, deformation, welding, oxy-cutting, heat and surface treatments…).
  • Tools (cutting and forming tools, abrasives…)
  • Parts, components and accessories (mechanical components, hydraulics, electrical equipment, etc.).
  • Automation of production systems (industrial robots, software…)
  • Metrology and quality control (quality control, data processing…)
  • Services for companies

What does INFINITIA bring to this fair?

INFINITIA’s vision is to provide innovative solutions in the industrial sector; therefore, we could not miss the most important industrial fair at a national level.

From this point of view, INFINITIA has great things to contribute to this exhibition. On the one hand, through our Forensic Engineering department we are able to carry out failure analysis to find out the causes of a problem that can cause delays in the normal operation of a company, quality controls or reverse engineering among other services.

On the other hand, through the Product Development department, we can contribute from different perspectives (mechanics, electronics…) to improve or create a certain product from scratch.

On this occasion we were sharing a stand with Sepcho, a cluster made up of more than 180 organisations that promote innovation through deep tech in all sectors.

They are already preparing the fair for 2024. Will we see you there?