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What is Market Research?

At Infinitia, we conduct market studies for a company like yours. We investigate the characteristics of the market and identify key influential factors, detecting opportunities and areas for improvement.

We carry out market studies to determine the viability of a new product or service and gauge the potential acceptance it may have within the target market. To do so, Infinitia employs different market study techniques to discover the optimal market to focus on, evaluate the existing competition, and obtain feedback from potential clients. Thanks to the market study of a company, we obtain real information about the company. These valuable insights allow us to develop it, make it grow, or turn it into a profitable business.

Industrial market research allows our strategic design team to fully understand the current situation of an industrial sector in order to identify opportunities and market niches.
The research techniques that we carry out are very varied. We analyze the product itself, its substitutes, and the competing companies. We also study the market, in order to have a complete overview and get information about the users’ preferences and behaviors.

For our market studies, we use different methodologies: both quantitative and qualitative. Regardless of your industry’s activity, we will make your project viable.

Market Studies

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How can we Help with Market Research?

We are a great market research agency for industrial companies and high-technology projects. Furthermore, we check that your business is going a good way. To do so, we need to work on a business strategy, which passes by different types of market analysis to find out if your product or service is really feasible.

Our experts bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide an objective analysis tailored to your unique needs. We want your company to be successful. Likewise, we carry out several actions to be relevant to your company’s success.

To understand and decide on an adequate market goal, having information is the key. At Infinita, we carry out market research on a product or service, and we analyze the diverse factors and values of the work industry or the competition. We want your business to be the reference, so doing market research is essential.

Market Studies
estudios de mercado

Market Analysis

To start a business market analysis and do it correctly, it is necessary to consider many elements including context and competition, both at the professional and product levels.

To do so, we carry out a substitute product study at Infinitia. It means we study products that can be used instead of yours, satisfying the same necessities for the customer. The question is to compare brands, designs, and creations. A thorough and meticulous process needs to be thought out for carrying out this research.

Analyzing the competition is key for good market analysis. We study our clients’ direct competitors in a way we ensure to understand their strengths and weaknesses. From there, we discover market opportunities and mitigate potential threats.

We establish business objectives and define a strategy to achieve them. On a marketing level, we also carry out a contextual analysis, which is really important since we understand better in which context the product will operate. Find out more about our market research service!

B2B Market Research

Market analysis is an essential phase in business plan development. At Infinitia, based on both quantitative and qualitative studies, we can successfully establish your business objectives.

We carry out tailor-made studies on the sector and guarantee the highest quality in all areas of the market. Hence, the importance of carrying out a value chain analysis: it is essential to know where your business fails and to correct it in case of error, as well as to consider possible costs and timescales.

On the other hand, within the market analysis of a company, it is very indispensable to analyze the potential market for a certain product or service. Our strategic design approach is geared toward discovering possible clients or users and meeting their needs.

As a market research agency, Infinitia we carry out industrial market research analysis and research to determine the value of your product. Contact us to learn more!

Market Studies

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