Design and manufacture of reactors using 3D printing

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

A customer requested the design and manufacture of reactors for a specific reaction. In order to iterate and optimize more quickly, it was decided to use 3D printing techniques.

This reactor had high specifications due to the working conditions, such as corrosion resistance, temperature, electrical insulation and good sealing.

Design and manufacture of reactors using 3D printing
Design and manufacture of reactors using 3D printing

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

The Prototyping team designed several models of the reactor, which were manufactured by 3D printing, specifically with FMD technology in different materials and percentages of fillers, and with SLA technology.

After fabrication, the different configurations were tested in the laboratory, so that they were optimized and iterated until a final design was reached.

Once its operation was verified, the final reactor was manufactured in the selected material by machining.


  • Design and fabrication of a prototype reactor according to specifications


  • Manufacturing by 3D printing
  • Design validation and laboratory testing
  • Design iteration
  • Manufacturing of the final design by machining

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