Design and manufacturing of a functional and aesthetic demonstrator to launch a new product line

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

In this case, our client was looking to launch a new product line and needed a demonstrator prototype that faithfully reflected the use experience and aesthetics of the product to be industrialized, all while keeping costs to a minimum without sacrificing the quality of the finishes.

In the competitive world of new product development, turning a theoretical idea into a tangible and functional demonstrator prototype is key to knowing whether a project makes sense or not before investing large amounts of money in its development.

Design and manufacturing of a functional and aesthetic demonstrator to launch a new product line
This project arose from the need to demonstrate to the client’s executive team the viability of the project and justify the move towards the industrialization phase. The high uncertainty of the outcome and the importance of keeping costs low, without compromising the aesthetic and functional quality of the prototype, presented a significant challenge.

The work of the Product Development team, from the conception to the realization of the demonstrator prototype, allowed the client to interact with the demonstrator in a tangible way, realistically and concretely evaluating its functionality and aesthetics, which resulted in a successful validation of the project and a safe step towards the industrialization phase.

Design and manufacturing of a functional and aesthetic demonstrator to launch a new product line
How was it addressed or what was the solution?
The process to overcome this challenge began with the prospecting of materials, parts, and manufacturing processes, making a careful selection of suppliers. This initial phase was crucial to ensure that the design was not only functional but also manufacturable at a reduced cost. Adapting the design using professional CAD software to the selected materials and processes allowed for the validation of the supplier choices and ensured the viability of the design.


The next stage involved the manufacturing and preliminary testing of the assembly process and materials. Through successive iterations, based on feedback obtained from assembly trials and the verification of received parts, the design was adjusted until it was fully functional and manufacturable. This iterative process ensured that the final parts met all of the client’s requirements, adjusting the design and selection of suppliers as necessary.

Finally, all components were manufactured, and the tools and fixtures necessary for the assembly of the demonstrator were acquired. The final assembly and tests with the client demonstrated the functionality and aesthetics of the product in a way that closely mimicked its real use.

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