Search for new aesthetic finishes for plastic components

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

INFINITIA’s Product Development team has faced this project in response to the need of one of our customers, a company in the industrial sector, to find new finishes for plastic components to improve the user experience. Moreover, these materials had to be compatible with the use of the final product, the manufacturing process and the target cost.

After a careful research and development process, a proposal was presented that improved the aesthetic finish of the parts and met the requirements set by the customer.

Search for new aesthetic finishes for plastic components

Search for new aesthetic finishes for plastic components
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

We began by conducting an exhaustive market survey. First of all, the manufacturing processes that could be suitable were identified in order to know the starting alternatives. Then, we located those manufacturers that met the customer’s requirements.

We then asked these manufacturers to send us samples to validate both the processes and the manufacturers themselves. This step allowed us to check if the theoretical information was in line with the samples received and therefore discard those manufacturers that did not meet the necessary specifications.

Through various material tests, all relevant data were collected and analyzed. In this way, we were able to select the final processes, materials and manufacturers, which were presented to the client for approval.

Finally, the aesthetics were designed to achieve photorealistic images and a sample list of possible aesthetics and finishes was drawn up.

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