Development of an application to control a device

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

When designing the electronics of a new product, it usually requires certain adjustments in the variables or methods that govern the components. As well as carrying out numerous life cycle tests to analyze the viability of the product.

These tests often require to be carried out by technicians who do not know the internal programming of the microcontrollers.

Development of an application to control a device
Development of an application to control a device

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

To solve this problem, the strategic design and prototyping team developed a computer application with Python, capable of controlling the device without the need for specific programming training.

In addition, communication protocols between the electronics and the program were included so that it could modify certain variables or methods depending on the tests performed.

Through the use of graphical interfaces, it allows an easy interaction with the user in an intuitive way.


  • Development of a tool to control a device in a simple way.
  • Communication with microcontrollers in embedded systems.
  • Real-time modification of internal firmware variables without the need for reprogramming.
  • Carrying out and documentation of tests and life cycles.


  • Developing a computer application with Python
  • Programming of a specific module for communication between both platforms.
  • Access to internal memory for making firmware changes.

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