Feasibility Analysis of a New Food Processing Device

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

Conducting technical feasibility studies is crucial to ensuring the success of new business ideas. Such was the case for our client, who wanted to expand their product portfolio by developing a new innovative food processing device.

The main challenge lay in the need for the device to leverage the temperature conditions and vibrations of its environment to operate in an analog manner. The primary challenge was to ensure that this device could function effectively under conditions that added a layer of complexity to the design and implementation of the same.

Feasibility Analysis of a New Food Processing Device
The ultimate goal of this project was to determine if the idea was viable from a technical standpoint and, additionally, to offer proposals for improvement and development alternatives that would maximize the potential of the original idea.
Feasibility Analysis of a New Food Processing Device
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

The Product Development team adopted a methodological approach to address this challenge. Initially, a preliminary technological study of similar commercial food processing products was conducted, with the goal of identifying potential technological barriers or challenges that could influence the development of the device. This analysis included a detailed review of market studies and existing products, allowing for an understanding of the common technical constraints that could affect the development of the project.



Subsequently, an analysis of the initial and technological requirements of each module needed for the device was carried out, establishing the minimum technical specifications required. This step was crucial in determining the technical feasibility of the device.

Finally, improvement proposals focused on the processing mechanisms and the ability to leverage environmental conditions were generated. In addition, new lines of development were explored, based on technical meetings and concept ideation sessions. This process of cross-referencing the proposals with previous analyses allowed for the identification of the most promising alternatives. The solution not only confirmed the technical feasibility of the device but also offered the client a series of improvements and alternative development options that maximized the potential of the original idea.

This process proved to be an effective method for overcoming complex technical challenges, offering innovative solutions that transcend initial expectations.

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