Technical feasibility analysis for a new appliance

Technical feasibility analysis for a new appliance

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

Our client needed to know the limitations of his idea regarding volume, weight, energy required, operating times and minimum retail price.

They were clear about the main function but needed to assess its technical feasibility, that is, if it was really possible and if the final result could be competitive in performance and price.

Another important point was to avoid legal problems due to coincidences in the use of technologies with previously patented products.

Imagen5 Technical feasibility analysis for a new appliance
Imagen6 Technical feasibility analysis for a new appliance

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

As a starting point, the Desing and Prototyping team studed patents for similar products and technologies. From this the mechanism was modified, since it came into conflict with some of those patents.

From here, the market and the suppliers of the components and materials that best fit for the first development were prospected. Initial sketches were made to clarify the critical points of the design. From the sketches, the most restrictive components were studied and different 3D CAD proposals were modeled.

Finally, viable alternatives were presented from the technical point of view with which it was possible to decide where to focus the product.


  • Study of possible conflicts with patents
  • Study of limitations in volume, weight, energy and operation
  • Definition of the minimum retail price
  • Technical validation of the concept


  • Study of existing patents
  • Market and supplier prospecting
  • Mechanical development of main function
  • Study of more restrictive components
  • Presentation of alternatives

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