Hygiene map. Detection of critical points of microorganisms and other residues

Hygiene map. Detection of critical points of microorganisms and other residues

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

The client requested the detection of critical points in a new product to be launched, in order to know in advance the main problems that would be encountered when it was operational in the market, and thus be able to anticipate looking for potential solutions.

When analyzing the critical points, there are countless factors to take into account, mechanical properties, aesthetics… however, this study focused on identifying the critical areas where microorganisms and other residues of organic or mineral nature can easily accumulate.

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

To determine the critical points, a test was designed to simulate the behavior of the product under real conditions. At the same time, accelerated life tests were prepared to favor the accumulation of microorganisms and dirt and thus study the behavior at long operating times.

The Forensic Engineering team carried out all the tests under different conditions, and after performing qualitative and quantitative tests in the laboratory, a Hygiene Map was produced, i.e. the Hygiene Map is a powerful tool as if it were an “X-ray“, in which you can see how your product is and the critical points identified after the life tests.

This information was used to help define the client’s strategy and think of new designs to avoid future incidents, or additional solutions, such as automatic cleaning systems, or new materials that reduce the accumulation of dirt and microorganisms.


  • Know the critical points of the product in order to anticipate problems that may arise in the market


  • A Hygiene Map of the product was made with the critical points of accumulation of microorganisms, dirt residues or mineral residues
  • Accelerated life tests were designed to simulate real conditions after long operating times

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