Hygiene map. Study of microorganisms in cars

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

The client requested the study of the microorganisms present in different points of a car to determine the critical points.

To carry out these studies, it was decided to profile and select certain users with vehicles, so that the trend could be seen according to their habits and profile.

With this information, it will be possible to evaluate potential solutions or technologies that prevent these microorganisms and provide added value to users in certain situations.

Hygiene map. Study of microorganisms in cars
Hygiene map. Study of microorganisms in cars

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

To address the problem, the Forensic Engineering team conducted a literature search to take advantage of the information already existing in this field and to define the test method.

After this, they moved on to the experimental process, where different surfaces were tested on different cars following ISO 18593:2018 and ISO 11737-1:2018 standards.

Samples were taken by rubbing swabs over the chosen surfaces which were subsequently cultured on agar plates.

The results obtained provided insight into the actual microbiological load present in cars, both the quantity and some of the species.


  • To study the actual microbiological load on different car surfaces.
  • To know the most critical points because they present a higher quantity of microorganisms.
  • Evaluate the trend according to the habits and profile of vehicle users.


  • To sample different surfaces in different cars and to cultivate on agar plates the microorganisms present in each point.
  • Analyze the quantity and species of microorganisms obtained at each point.
  • Determine the highest risk points according to the results obtained.

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