Market research in the confectionery sector

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

The objective of this project focused on conducting a market study to analyze the current situation of the confectionery sector in order to identify opportunities and market niches.

The approach of this study was based on conducting a competitor analysis of related products in the confectionery field and a brief user analysis of the products.

Market research in the confectionery sector
Market research in the confectionery sector

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

The strategic design team approached the challenge using market research techniques. This analysis provided the team with an overview of the products that currently exist in this sector.

In addition, user analysis from a product analysis perspective provided real feedback on the experience of current consumers. All of this led to the identification of a niche market in the confectionery sector.


  • Identify market niches in the cooking sector
  • Understand the focus of current products and analyze users’ opinions.


  • Market study of the products to understand and contextualize the current offer in the confectionery sector
  • Identification of current consumer problems and market niches in this sector.

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