Quality control of a processed food

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

The client wanted to know what phenomena occurred after the culinary processing of a food and especially about its physical-chemical properties.

Thanks to this information, culinary processes could be optimized and better information available for customer decision-making.

Different conditions and requirements were raised, from which, the behavior of the food matrix after processing was studied.

Quality control of a processed food
Quality control of a processed food

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

To carry out the study, the Forensic Engieering team it was necessary to carry out a design of experiments and develop methods for characterizing the chemical properties (pH, TSS), and physical properties (temperature, color, texture and viscosity) of the food.

Once the methods were fine-tuned, the effect on the various variables of the culinary process and the final properties of the food were studied for each condition.

To provide more clarity and robustness to the conclusions, a statistical study was carried out with Minitab to find the correlation of the variables and the different parameters studied.


  • Evaluation of the effect of processing on the final properties of a food
  • Study of different processing conditions in the final quality of the product


  • Design of experiment and analysis methods
  • Statistical analysis for the correlation of the variables and the parameters studied.

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