User Validation and Design of a New Device

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

Our client sought to create a design for a new device to complement and enhance the user experience for a specific business. In this context, the need to analyze the versatility of the proposed device for the Spanish market and to propose various design options was identified.

The challenge was to determine the device’s ability to adapt to a wide range of existing products, taking into account variations in their internal dimensions, ideal installation locations, and optimal operating conditions, such as temperature and humidity.

User Validation and Design of a New Device
The goal was to validate the product idea, evaluating its ability to function effectively across a broad range of devices, which would allow our client to make an informed decision at the initial stage of their project. With this project, INFINITIA was able to identify the market percentage that the device could satisfy and propose the development of innovative solutions to increase its versatility.

User Validation and Design of a New Device

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

To tackle this challenge, the INFINITIA Product Development team began with a preliminary market study, where the predominant brands, current trends, and available device categories were analyzed. This analysis included the evaluation of user reports and consumption trends, technical specifications of the devices, and was complemented with physical interactions for a deep understanding of their features.

Based on the data obtained, the most representative potential design configurations of the accessory were created, using sketches and 3D modeling to visualize the proposed solutions.



The next phase consisted of evaluating these configurations within the identified device categories, analyzing their versatility, and proposing design adjustments to maximize their adaptability. This process not only confirmed the accessory’s adaptability in the target market but also identified those devices where the product showed greater compatibility. As a result, improvement proposals were generated that significantly increased the application scope of the device.

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