Design and manufacture of tooling for laser engraving of complex geometric parts

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

In this project, our Product Development team was in charge of the design and manufacture of customized and automated tooling, which was to be used for laser engraving the surface of parts with complex geometries.

Specifically, the customer needed to perform, by means of a fixed laser, some engravings on a large part with a complex geometry. For this process to be carried out correctly, it was necessary to create a system that would allow the part to be placed in the required position in a highly precise manner with respect to the engraving area.

Design and manufacture of tooling for laser engraving of complex geometric parts
Using rapid prototyping techniques, we were able to develop a tooling with the desired characteristics, which allowed the engraving of the parts with great accuracy and in a very short time.

Design and manufacture of tooling for laser engraving of complex geometric parts
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

After carefully studying the project requirements, we carried out an in-depth analysis of the parts to be marked and the client’s needs. In this way, we ensured that all the essential aspects were taken into consideration in order to obtain an optimal design.


Thanks to our in-house know-how about mechanisms and electronic devices for automation, we examined and selected those that we considered of greatest interest for the fastest, most effective and economical approach to project execution.

We then focus on the design and development phase of the tooling. For this purpose, we use professional CAD programs for the design of advanced parts and mechanisms. The use of this type of programs makes it possible both to develop advanced geometries and to verify the designs by means of different simulations before proceeding to their manufacture.

Once the designs were validated, we proceeded to manufacture and assemble the tooling. The technology used was a 3D printer with FDM technology, which has the capacity to produce large parts. In addition, this type of printer allows us to reduce lead times and costs significantly compared to other production processes.

After obtaining the final prototypes, the electronic controllers were programmed to automate the tooling and control its operation quickly and accurately. Finally, the controllers were calibrated to check their correct operation before the engravings were made on the real parts.

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