Development of a New Device for the Disinfection of Shared Equipment in Recreational Rooms

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

This project represents a clear example of how a conceptual idea can be transformed into a tangible and highly valuable product, specifically: the development of a device for the disinfection of shared equipment, especially in the context of recreational rooms.

The project developed by INFINITIA emerged in response to a problem existing in recreational facilities such as Virtual Reality rooms or Laser Tag arenas, environments where equipment like VR headsets, vests, and controllers are used by numerous people throughout the day. The usual practice of manually cleaning these devices after each use not only proves to be inefficient but also leaves a perception of poor quality, bad odours, or dirtiness, affecting the overall user experience. The need to offer a more hygienic and satisfactory experience for users became the project’s priority and was precisely where INFINITIA contributed its knowledge and capacity for innovation.

The focus of the Product Development Team was to develop a solution that automated the sanitization and cleaning of the equipment (without damaging it) and eliminated odours, a challenge that required a multidisciplinary and technologically advanced approach for its resolution.

Development of a New Device for the Disinfection of Shared Equipment in Recreational Rooms
Development of a New Device for the Disinfection of Shared Equipment in Recreational Rooms
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

The process of creating this solution began with a market study, including the analysis of technologies and devices of similar applications, surveys, and focus groups. This initial step allowed the Product Development Team to deeply understand the users’ needs and generate the necessary technical specifications for the future product.

Subsequently, the ideation and concept generation phase continued, using brainstorming and sketching techniques to arrive at realistic proposals that met the technical requirements and were aligned with the needs discovered in the previous phase.

This creative process was essential to define the initial proposals for a device capable of sanitizing multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously and automatically.

The project continued with the functional design phase, concept testing, and proposal validation. This phase focused on the development of a demonstrator through 3D design and rapid prototyping. Tests were conducted with ozone technology and UV light, as well as durability tests of materials under the desired sanitization conditions. These tests were crucial to validate the effectiveness of the device and ensure it met all the established requirements.

Finally, the final proposal was developed, optimizing the design for its manufacturing and ensuring it met the necessary safety and environmental standards for use in the client’s facilities. The process concluded with the testing of the final product with real users, ensuring that the device not only met the initial expectations but also represented a significant improvement in the end-user experience.

The result was an innovative product that solved the initial problem of hygiene and cleanliness and also established a new standard of customer service in recreational rooms, demonstrating the power of transforming an idea into a tangible and effective solution.

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