Feasibility Analysis of a New Innovative Product for a Specific Market Niche

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

Our client presented us with an innovative product idea, but needed to conduct a feasibility analysis to validate the product’s fit in a specific market before making the decision to proceed with the development phase.

The main challenge was to understand the various scenarios of the target market, each with its limitations and specific requirements. This meticulous analysis was vital to uncover the most promising market niches where the product could not only be viable but also thrive.

Feasibility Analysis of a New Innovative Product for a Specific Market Niche
With this project, INFINITIA achieved a deep understanding of the environments in which the product could exhibit its maximum functionality. In addition, optimized versions of the product were proposed, specially designed to capture the greatest potential for success in the identified segments.
Feasibility Analysis of a New Innovative Product for a Specific Market Niche
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

In this project, we began with a preliminary study of the target market, identifying current trends and predominant brands. This involved creating categories and identifying the types of scenarios and main environments in that market, followed by a detailed study of these categories through user reports, statistical analysis, and on-site verifications of all documented information.



Subsequently, several of the most representative product use cases were developed, using schematics and diagrams to map their applicability and versatility. This step was crucial to determine the product’s flexibility within the target market and to validate our initial hypotheses about its adaptability.

The evaluation of these use cases, by cross-referencing all the previous information with data matrices, allowed us to accurately identify the scenarios in which the product demonstrated greater versatility. This process not only validated the product’s viability in the market but also revealed possible strategies for future adaptations, ensuring perfect alignment with the client’s needs and expectations.

The benefits obtained from this approach were significant. We not only managed to pinpoint the ideal market niches for launching the product but also provided recommendations to adapt the product in a way that maximized its success and adaptability in the market.

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