Why is my product not succeeding in the market?

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

Why is my product not succeeding in the market? This is the question our client, a well-known company in the food sector, was asking itself. From the very first moment after the launch of a new product, it was observed that the sales forecast was below expectations.

For this reason, the company contacted us and asked us to analyze this behavior on the part of consumers, as well as to look for possible solutions to increase the sales ratio.

Why is my product not succeeding in the market?

The product that had been launched on the market was aimed at a very specific potential user. For our team, accessing and analyzing such a specific profile was a challenge, as it required in-depth research into the relationship between this type of consumer and this type of product. The analysis carried out would allow us to infer the main reasons why we were not reaching the potential user.

After carrying out an in-depth analysis of the market and the user, we discovered the specific and real problems that the user was encountering with the product. Reaching such clear conclusions made it possible and facilitated the proposal of the appropriate solutions. After implementing the proposed changes, the product started to recover the expected sales rate, so our client was very satisfied with the results.

Why is my product not succeeding in the market?
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

INFINITIA’s Strategic Design team began the project by conducting an exhaustive user analysis based on an extensive and representative sample of people extracted through our IUtest user panel. For the study we combined different qualitative techniques, such as the persona method, the survey, focus groups and interviews. This first phase allowed us to gather information on the needs, expectations and preferences of end customers and, therefore, to identify the consumer profile. Likewise, this type of research provides valuable information to determine the problems of a product and to design solutions to improve the user experience.


We then proceeded to analyze the data obtained. Using the Power BI tool, we extracted the conclusions from the survey and related them to the rest of the results.

Once we had established the main conclusions about the reasons why the product was not giving the expected results, we moved on to the creative phase of the project. We organized a co-creation and brainstorming session in which both end users and employees of the client company participated. The results were very fruitful, as several realistic and effective solutions to the problems were proposed.

Finally, we elaborated a report that gathered all the work done, as well as a response plan to improve the sales ratio of the product, and we presented it to the client so that he could implement the necessary measures.

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