Redesign and Manufacturing of Tools for Laboratory Tests

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

Our client needed specific tools to handle electronic components during their laboratory tests, which presented a significant complication due to the extremely tight tolerances required for the meticulous manipulation of these components.

Redesign and Manufacturing of Tools for Laboratory Tests
The main goal of the Product Development team was to modify and optimize the client’s original designs to ensure not only their manufacturability but also to increase the utility of their tools in their specific applications. This challenge was not minor: it involved a deep understanding of the functional needs and physical limitations of the tools in question, as well as an ability to innovate in terms of design and manufacturing.

The tools were successfully manufactured and delivered to the client in a very short timeframe, demonstrating INFINITIA‘s effectiveness and efficiency in the redesign and manufacturing of these types of components.

Redesign and Manufacturing of Tools for Laboratory Tests
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

Initially, a detailed evaluation of the geometry of the tool designs proposed by the client was conducted using professional CAD software, which allowed for determining the feasibility of the tools for manufacturing. This stage was crucial for identifying aspects of the original design that needed to be modified to meet manufacturing and end-use requirements.

Subsequently, the team proceeded to redesign the tools, adjusting their features to ensure both their manufacturability and improved functionality. This process involved a deep understanding of engineering principles applied to the creation of precision tools.

Finally, detailed technical drawings were created, and contact was made with suppliers to carry out the manufacturing of the tools. Before delivery to the client, a thorough verification was conducted to ensure that the tools met all stipulated requirements, thus guaranteeing client satisfaction and product functionality.

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