User study to validate a new product interface

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

The aim of this project is to find out the perception and preference through a user study, in terms of the interface present in a certain household appliance in the cooking area.

In this way, it was possible to measure the acceptance of new interface designs that incorporate new functionalities, and to verify their acceptance by users.

The first phase of the study focused on defining the target group of potential users to be addressed, and the study of the context of use of this household appliance.

With a preliminary analysis of the product on which the session was to be carried out, the testing dynamics were designed in accordance with the initial objectives set at the beginning, thus defining a series of qualitative tools that, aimed at the potential user in question, provided us with the necessary feedback to validate the new concepts proposed and to know the future design strategy to follow.

User study to validate a new product interface
User study to validate a new product interface

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

First of all, the Strategic Design team carried out an analysis of the specific target users we were targeting, in order to find out their habits and current use of the appliance to be analysed, as well as their perception of the current interface.

Once we had a more in-depth knowledge of the current use and had been able to get to know how users interact with this product on a daily basis, we proceeded to test the new product concepts with them, among which new interface concepts were proposed with the help of high-fidelity prototypes.

In this way we were able to obtain direct feedback by being able to see how users interacted with the new proposals, allowing us to see first-hand how they used each of them.

Finally, this phase of the project concluded with the identification of real needs, the validation of the interface concepts designed, and the measurement of user interest in each of them.

All this allowed us to make better and more confident decisions about the next steps to be taken.


  • To understand how users currently perform the tasks and their habits around the appliance in the cooking area.
  • To understand the needs that users may have in the process they currently follow.
  • Design different solutions in the form of interfaces that solve or alleviate the pains and reinforce the gains detected.
  • Investigate the possibility of developing different solutions at a technological level in relation to the functionalities of the possible interface.
  • To find out the preferences, interest and acceptance of the new concepts by the users.


  • Study of the habits and current perception of users with the current product.
  • Analysis of the needs, and identification of user gains and pains in relation to the domestic appliance on which work is being done.
  • Study of the technological feasibility in terms of adding the desired new functionalities.
  • Design of different graphic solutions in which these pains are resolved and the new functionalities desired by the users are implemented.
  • Validation with users of the concepts proposed to detect their preferences.

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