Validation of odor elimination filters by sensory analysis

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

In this research we conducted a sensory analysis study to evaluate the effectiveness of different odor elimination filters. To test the effectiveness of these products, we turned to a significant group of user panelists and analyzed their opinions on perceived odors.

Thus, INFINITIA’s Product Development team designed a customized test bench to test the different odor elimination technologies. The success of the project lay in performing these tests in a reliable way, simulating real conditions and making the test reproducible.

Validation of odor elimination filters by sensory analysis
After evaluation of the filters, the participating panelists were given a questionnaire in which they were asked to rate the intensity and pleasantness of the odors. After collecting and analyzing the data provided by the panelists, it was found that the filters were effective in reducing the intensity of the odors perceived and improving the hedonic tone.

Validation of odor elimination filters by sensory analysis
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

First, different types of filters were selected, depending on which ones gave the best results and integrated the most appropriate technology to make odor removal as effective as possible.

In the creation of the sensory panel, a significant number of user panelists were selected. To avoid any suggestion of their opinion and to ensure realistic results, we made sure that the panelists were completely unaware of the project and its aims and objectives.


Special bags were prepared to capture volatile compounds in which the resulting odor samples were collected. In some of the bags the filters were used, while in others they were not. In this way, the panelists were able to judge the intensity and hedonic tone of the bags, both those with and without the filter.

Analysis of the data collected resulted in the finding that the technology used was effective, as the filters were capable of destroying a considerable concentration of volatiles, with a significant difference in the resulting odor.

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