Evaluation of user interaction with the health sector appointment system.

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

The client informed us of two major difficulties observed in its healthcare appointment system: the slowdown in the automation of the appointment management processes and the oversaturation of the primary care service.

Thus, INFINITIA’s Strategic Design Department faced the challenge of identifying and solving the failures that prevented the correct handling of the application in an environment where the potential user is the entire population.

Evaluation of user interaction with the health sector appointment system.
After an exhaustive study of the case and the proposal of a satisfactory solution, we managed to increase the use of the health IT system, facilitating its management and avoiding overloads.

Evaluation of user interaction with the health sector appointment system.
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

First, we analyzed the current application by means of a usability test and different tests on the users’ perception of the different functions to be performed. This allowed us to study the usability, content and user experience with the program, as well as to statistically reflect the most frequent errors that needed to be corrected.

We then carried out a market study of existing applications in similar environments, such as hospitals, dental clinics or aesthetic centers. To do so, we used heuristic bases, specifically interaction understanding studies. In this way, we were able to observe the interaction used in these appointment management applications to find which commonalities could work best.

The next step was to perform a user analysis, which consisted of individual interviews with medical personnel and patient surveys. Based on the variables previously studied, initial wireframes were proposed in order to observe the possible alternatives to meet the needs raised by the users.

Once all the information had been gathered, the application interface was completely redesigned using digital product prototyping tools such as Figma/Adobbe XD. This digital prototype included the solutions to the detected problems, with the objective of later testing its functionality with the end user.

Finally, we validated the usability of the new application through different tests with users. Thus, we were able to evaluate many aspects of interest, such as the time to complete a task, the errors encountered or the degree of user satisfaction with respect to finding the information or request they needed.

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