Design and development of a new device for preparing infusions

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

More and more people are choosing infusions as a healthy alternative to soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. Infusions are drinks that meet the health and wellness needs of consumers, and also offer an enriching and comfortable culinary experience at home.

Therefore, with this innovation project, INFINITIA’s goal was to transform the experience of tea and infusion consumers, achieved through the design and development of a device that improves the extraction of the flavour of infusions and incorporates personalized recipes, thus offering an enriched experience in the preparation and enjoyment of their favourite drinks.

Design and development of a new device for preparing infusions
The main challenge was to safely and effectively integrate new technology that improved the intensity of the flavours, key in the device. The other great challenge was to equip the device with precise temperature control and an airtight dosing system. These elements were essential to ensure that the product was innovative, practical, and safe for the end user.
Design and development of a new device for preparing infusions
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

INFINITIA’s Product Development team addressed this challenge by starting with a preliminary study consisting of competitive analysis, market studies, and technical feasibility assessments. This allowed validating the target market and the technological demands of the product. This initial phase clearly defined the technical requirements and laid the groundwork for the ideation and generation of innovative proposals.


Afterward, proposals that met these requirements were created, proving to be viable and attractive for the target market. Each concept was designed considering critical aspects such as the boiling capacity of water, precise temperature control, integration of technology to improve the quality of the infusions, and an automatic dispenser for different herbs and teas.

Subsequently, we moved on to functional design and prototype creation, using 3D design and rapid prototyping. With these first laboratory prototypes, tests were conducted to validate crucial aspects such as technology, flavour transfer, and the precision of temperature sensors. This iterative process ensured that the final product not only met the technical requirements but also offered a superior user experience.

Finally, the development culminated in the preparation of the final design for its manufacturing, followed by a testing and optimization phase based on feedback from real users. This comprehensive approach ensured that the final product was functional, ready to meet the needs and expectations of the market, and culminated in support in the manufacturing and commercialization of the product, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.

The result was this innovative tea and herb infuser, which stands out for its ability to significantly improve the culinary experience of preparing and enjoying infusions at home, demonstrating Infinitia’s commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction.

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