Conceptual design of new products for cleaning surfaces in homes

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

INFINITIA is involved in many projects related to the conceptual design and development of new products. In this case, we were involved in a Strategic Design project for an industrial client who needed to know the real needs of the user of surface cleaning products for the household market, in order to develop a new product that would meet the expectations of users and guarantee their satisfaction.

Conceptual design of new products for cleaning surfaces in homes

The work was framed in a complex sector, characterised by high competition, by the added difficulty derived from the delimitation of the target public and, consequently, by the necessary definition of a suitable target. Undoubtedly, it was a project in which it was necessary to search for new market niches in order to guarantee the success of this new product when it was launched on the market.

Conceptual design of new products for cleaning surfaces in homes

How was it addressed or what was the solution?

 In order to obtain results that would give solidity to our product development proposal, INFINITIA’s Strategic Design Department began by defining and implementing a market study from different perspectives.




On the one hand, information was sought on the household surface cleaning sector, analysing the most important products on the market, recent innovations and expected trends. On the other hand, interviews and focus groups were carried out with potential users, with the aim of getting to know and understand their needs, the most desired characteristics and their evaluations of existing surface cleaning products.

The results obtained helped to establish effective conclusions and made it possible to present a conceptual design proposal for a new product that met the requirements of the selected target audience. Specifically, INFINITIA carried out the 3D modelling and rendering of different product proposals where the identified characteristics and the most desired features by the users according to the study were applied, and a report was presented with the results and conclusions of the study.

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