Design and development of a mobile application for laboratory data management

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

INFINITIA’s Product Development team faced the challenge of designing and developing a customised mobile application with very specific characteristics. The application had to be oriented to be used in a laboratory environment and would be used to obtain precise data under certain specific conditions.

Design and development of a mobile application for laboratory data management
The client needed this mobile application to be cross-platform, so that it could be used on both Android and iOS devices. It also needed to be able to obtain specific data with high accuracy. Finally, the application had to be designed with the user experience in mind and meet the client’s expectations.

After designing, executing and testing a prototype, a functional mobile application was created that met the client’s needs for obtaining the necessary data.

Design and development of a mobile application for laboratory data management
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

Through initial meetings with the client to understand the requirements of this project, our Product Development team developed an action plan aimed at meeting the objectives and needs of the project.

Taking into account different aspects related to the user experience within mobile applications, we proceeded to the design and organisation of the different screens that were to make up the application. This first phase allowed us to structure the design of the application in order to provide a good user experience.

Next, an algorithm was developed and programmed using a framework. This resulted in a first version of the application adapted to both operating systems (Android and iOS).

Numerous tests were carried out on this prototype, with the aim of detecting and correcting possible errors when carrying out the precise calculations required by the client. To do this, a simulator was used to run successive versions of the application.

Once all the errors had been debugged, the final files for mobile devices were generated. These files (apk for Android and ipa for iOS) are intended to run the application on any mobile device, without the need to use a simulator. Finally, the application was presented to the client, who gave his final approval for the launch.

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