UX analysis in the online environment for digital service design

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

Given that our services are applied to different areas, in this case we are going to explain a strategic analysis project carried out for its application in the digital world. Specifically, the Strategic Design area of INFINITIA Industrial Consulting had to carry out a UX analysis to find out how users interacted with a website, with the aim of optimising it and revaluing the product presented on it.

UX analysis in the online environment for digital service design
 The challenge of the project was to design a website that met all the established usability objectives. Our work allowed us to find the existing problems in the analysed website and redesign it based on UX or user experience knowledge. This methodology allowed us to guide the user throughout the whole process and provide the product with added value.

UX analysis in the online environment for digital service design
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

We started the project by conducting an objective analysis of the existing website. To do this, we use different specialised tools, such as Google Analytics. These tools allow us to study the usability, content and user experience of the website. In addition, they provide a statistical reflection of the most common errors that need to be modified.

We then conducted an analysis of the competition through the observation of content, the study of structure and the branding used. This analysis allowed us to obtain a global vision of the industry, get to know our clients better, identify their strengths and weaknesses and, with all this, define a differentiation and value strategy.

After the information gathering and analysis phase, we carried out the redesign of the site using web design tools such as Figma or Adobe XD. In this redesign, the errors found were corrected, the content was optimised and the structure of the website was adjusted.

Since the aim was to improve the user experience, the new proposal had to be validated on the basis of usability criteria. Therefore, usability tests were carried out with users, in which numerous factors were evaluated (for example, the time taken to complete a task, the errors made or the degree of satisfaction), so that users could reach all the established objectives in a simple way.

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