Designing the value proposition for a new automotive product

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

INFINITIA’s Strategic Design Department launched a new project focused on improving the value proposition offered by an automotive company. The challenge we were given was ambitious, as we had to be able to distinguish and prioritise our client’s product ahead of other similar products and ensure that the specific benefits they wanted to offer were perceived.

Designing the value proposition for a new automotive product
In dealing with this project, we were faced with two particularly important aspects, which posed a clear difficulty. On the one hand, we had to face the existence of a high level of competition in the sector and, on the other, a scarce and insufficient identification of the target public.

Given this situation, INFINITIA launched the project with a strategic approach, working to redefine the strengths of the client company in order to solve the users’ problems and proposing different modifications to the value proposition defined up to that moment. In this way, the proposal was improved and successfully positioned in the market.

Designing the value proposition for a new automotive product
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

The first meetings of the Strategic Design team allowed the definition of a roadmap for the implementation of the project, which began with the initial market research.

This research process focused on both the study of the competition and the knowledge of the target customers. The purpose was to identify the most outstanding products in the sector, as well as to know and observe the trends and innovations existing in the market, since this knowledge would allow understanding the characteristics of the competition most desired by the user.

By means of surveys managed through digital marketing tools, different data was obtained from the product’s potential customers. This data could be segmented from a demographic point of view, as well as in terms of age, gender, purchasing power, etc., contributing to the definition of an optimal target or target audience for the product in question.

After analysing the results obtained, work was carried out on the elaboration of a Value Proposition Canvas. The work on the Canvas focused on creating a relationship between the company’s strengths and the problems detected that affect the user, and designing a clear, differentiating and valuable proposal for the user, leading to a better positioning of the company.

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