Validation of new packaging design proposals for the food sector

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

Everyone knows the special importance of packaging design for the food industry, both from a commercial perspective, to enhance its attractiveness at the point of sale, and from a functional perspective, to ensure an optimal result in the use of the product.

Validation of new packaging design proposals for the food sector
For this reason, one of our clients in the food sector contacted us to explain their need to know, analyze the opinion and perception of users about the design of their packaging, as well as to test the communicative capacity of their product before proceeding to its final development.

The complexity of the project was mainly in obtaining a representative sample of users to obtain an effective and conclusive result.

The work of INFINITIA’s Strategic Design Department allowed them to obtain not only the best design option considered, but also the one that was most accepted by users, easing the decision making process for its subsequent launching in the market.

Validation of new packaging design proposals for the food sector
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

We started the project by making a graphic representation of the design proposals contemplated, using 3D CAD modeling, since we needed an easy and intuitive graphic means with which to present the proposals to the users for validation.

After the search and selection of the users participating in the study, we proceeded to interview all of them in person or online. In these interviews, the developed 3D renderings were presented and a series of questions were asked that allowed us to know the opinion of the participants about the characteristics of the product, as well as to carry out the validation response of the presented designs.

With all the information gathered in the interviews, a comparative analysis of the results obtained in each proposal was carried out, which served to present a report with the conclusions obtained and the contrasted results.

At the same time, a series of data were obtained that served to justify a proposal to be developed in the following phases of product development.

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