Design thinking and the Double Diamond method for design and innovation processes

In a technological, competitive and global scenario, the “Double Diamond Model” works as a Design Thinking proposal that, although it helps in the design and development of products, it also serves to improve them and refocus their function or use. In this article we explain what the Double Diamond Methodology is and what it consists of.

What is the Double Diamond Model?

The “Double Diamond Model” is used in the design process to provide the consumer’s perspective and to verify, while working, if the user’s needs are being met. In this sense, it is about creating or improving an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) -in a short time- that is useful, of high quality, easy to use and that provides value to the user.

How is it done?

Represented through a simple visual map of the design process, the “Double Diamond Model” is divided into four consecutive and linear phases, but which can undergo digressions. In the same way, the steps are encompassed in two diamonds (rhombuses), leaving the method divided in two: on the one hand, the Creative -composed by “Discover” and “Define”- and, on the other hand, the Prototyping -composed by “Design and Develop”-.

  1. Discover. A previous research will allow us to discover the insights, the contextual keys that will define the subsequent solutions presented to solve the problems.
  2. The search process leads us to a selection of the results obtained. The first two phases will guide us towards the ideation and creation of new concepts, taking into account the user experience.
  3. Designing, or redesigning, consists of turning the specific idea into something achievable, so we focus on the visual construction of the product.
  4. To develop is to put the product into practice at the prototype level. It is to see how the design responds at a minimum level, performing validations with experts, so that we get real feedback throughout the process until we achieve the finish desired by the consumer.

A practical example

For the development of a new home care product, different focus groups and interviews were conducted to understand the real needs and user perception in this sector. The challenge was therefore to introduce a new sector with a new disruptive product and to understand and define the context and users of the sector.

Advantages of the method

The “Double Diamond Model” is one of the methodologies that allow to improve the creative processes and the prototyping of ideas. Also, this methodology produces a better communication between teams and contributes to the transparency of the process, so that the user and other experts are part of the whole process.


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