Prospecting of competitors in the toy sector to identify new business opportunities

What was the challenge or problem to solve?

After observing a stagnation and a decrease in sales due to the lack of interest of users in their current product portfolio, a company in the children’s toy sector contacted us to request a research on the case.

INFINITIA’s Strategic Design area focused on finding the critical factors in the current products and, on the other hand, on defining the potential users to be targeted. Thus, we conducted a prospection of competitors in the sector in order to find unmet needs and new business opportunities.

Prospecting of competitors in the toy sector to identify new business opportunities
As a result of this study, the client decided to create a new line of toys focused on an underexplored market niche: the user experience of people with communication difficulties.

Prospecting of competitors in the toy sector to identify new business opportunities
How was it addressed or what was the solution?

As usual in this type of projects, we started the research by analyzing the current successful products. To do so, we used SWOT evaluation methods, ergonomic and usability studies. These tools provided us with interesting data on the current potential users, i.e., the public that buys the products. In addition, we were able to analyze the characteristics of these products, determine their weaknesses and their potential to create user interest and stand out in the market.


Based on the information obtained, we prepared weighting and value proposition tables. The conclusions of this market study allowed us to observe and analyze the characteristics of the toy portfolio of other successful companies. In this way, we were able to identify those factors that generated sufficient interest and purchase decision with respect to those of our client. In addition, we determined which was the most favorable market niche for the company.

Once we had established the refocused methodology and the line to follow, we conducted a series of surveys aimed at assessing the public’s interest in this new product line. Subsequently, we conducted an internal strategic analysis to verify this trend.

The last phase of the project consisted of designing a communication plan. Using digital layout tools, such as Indesign, Illustrator or Photoshop, our team designed the mock-ups of possible communication media (infographics, brochures and publications). These graphic applications with the new approach allowed the client to have the necessary resources to start the commercial work.

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